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King Pong Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
King Pong

A remake of the game Pong which is absolutely excellent by every means of the word.

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  • Gohst

    King Pong is a fantastic remake of the classic arcade Pong style game. This time you can shoot not only lasers but rockets as well. Also have multiple balls, extended paddles, giant balls, magnet balls… the list goes on!

    The images all in this game are neat and complete. All the bonuses are smooth and nice, and the movement of the paddles is very nice too. Basically and in a nutshell, there is not one single thing wrong with the graphics.

    The game play, well, the game play is actually just as good as the graphics, if not better. Never before, to my memory, has a game of Pong been so fun. The bonuses you can receive are innovative and fun, not one of them goes amiss in this game.

    The music and sounds are all perfect and really, really suit the game absolutely to the utmost ability that they can. In fact I would say, they not only suit the game but they add to the game and make it so much more fun to play.

    In closing, let me say this: If you’ve played one “Pong” game, you’ve played them all, is certainly a good rule of thumb when dealing with remakes in this vein. However, once in a while a game comes out which simply blows away all the other games and you must play it. This is one of those games. Play King Pong and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    Normally, I find Pong games the same. However, this one is innovative. It's much better than most Pong games. Also, like all Pong games, it's fun for when you want a quick game to play. I think it's well worth downloading.

    P.S. Pong was NOT the first video game. Spacewar (1962) was the first true digital video game. Tennis For Two (1958) was a early experiment in video games and played on an oscilloscope. OXO (1952), was a even earlier experiment in creating a game thats runs on a computer. Computer Space (1971) is possibly the first coin-operated video game. Magnavox Odyssey (prototype made in 1968,released in 1972), was the first Video game console. I'm sorry for my review consisting mainly of this info, but im sick of people thinking Pong was the first.

  • AnC

    Best played with two people. Guaranteed to put you in a good mood on color mode, 5 balls two player. Good job AnyKeySoft!

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