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Klass of 99 Download

  • Developer: richard jordan
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Klass of  99

The sequel to School Daze

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  • Adam Box

    Get this game if you want to relive high school, or better yet just re-enroll. Its about as fun.

    So basically this game consists of you going to school and trying to get your grades changed, or something. There's no story even though all sorts of files in the game tell you to check the story for hints on what you have to do in the game.

    What happens is you go to class then recess then class then lunch then class then home time and you start again tomorrow. You can jump and collect little plaques from the walls but you can't jump diagonal or move anything so others are completely impossible to get. Unless explained in the mysterious story. Another thing you can do is collect a bomb from the janitors closet and put it somewhere to blow up something, but it never works on anything and you can only carry one at a time and it's hard to get another one because you have to wait for the janitor to go to his closet during a break. During class will result in getting "lines".

    If you skip class to go and achieve something in this game then teachers will get you. They give you lines. Collect enough lines and you get expelled. You get lines for shooting teachers with your sling shot or shooting students with your slingshot when a teacher sees. Sometimes another student will shoot the teacher and you will get lines. Or a student will hit you and you'll fall down and get lines for sitting down on the floor. You also get lines for facing the wrong way in assembly and for going into the teachers staff room or principals staff room. It's frustrating because you only get small gaps to figure out the story and do something about it and long boring gaps where you will get lots of lines or sit in class and be bored stiff.

    "Please sir, I cannot tell a lie, this game stinks."

    I give credit for putting the graphics together, putting the music together and figuring out the code and stuff for this game. They get a big plus in my book.

    Overall this game is dull, boring, monotonous, uninteresting, slow and generally not very good. Download it if you want hey I won't stop you but don't say you weren't warned. This is not very good at all.

  • Rekall

    Klass of 99, is kind of like a fan remake of the outrageously popular School Daze which was first released on the ZX Spectrum, where you play a naughty school boy and you have the ability to skip class, shoot teachers with catapults and fight in the playground.

    This game is an excellent way to vent your school frustrations and do all the things to teachers that you can only dream of.

    In Skool Daze your goal was to find the safe combination and destroy your terrible class record, and in Klass of 99, the goal is similar except for the fact that you have to now find the password for the principle's computer because the results are now electronic.

    Klass of 99 is an epic remake of a timeless classic.

  • Vegeta897

    This game is based off of a CLASSIC. Back when games actually meant something. I laugh at you if you say the graphics are bad. I laugh at you for not knowing what lines are. This is a British game.

    You clearly don't have the patience to play the game. It does have a story, if you were to go to the main site.

    I would like to also tell you that when someone else shoots his slingshot, YOU aren't getting lines. Don't believe me? Look again. Not only does the teacher not say your name, but if you know any sort of mathematics, you will see that your number of lines will not increase.

    Do me a favor and learn your roots before you insult a true classic.

  • Bobo

    This game rocks, it's simple graphics but a great challenge makes this game incredible. After I do troubles in school it's great to do it on comp with less responsibility and consequences. Great game, make more games like this.

  • BIg hErm .evan

    I love this game. This is a very good game. You can do all the stuff you always wanted to do in school. It's a dang good game.

  • Zelda

    This game is awesome. I hope they make more games like this! I also hope many game makers follow suit!

  • Star

    This game is so much fun - I recommend it for downloading!

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