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Light Warrior Download

  • Developer: Jetro Lauha
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Light Warrior

A side-scrolling arcade game where the only goal is to shoot out lightbulbs (and candles).

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  • Gohst

    In Light Warrior you play an unnamed, silent and deadly assassin who might also be a vampire. Or maybe just someone with sensitive vision. It's not fully explained, but you have a gun anyway and you like shooting light bulbs and various other forms of light.

    Each level is essentially the same, you move right and look at a wall. Then you shoot until you reload, then shoot some more. Your supply of ammunition is unlimited, but reloading takes away some precious shooting time, so try not to do it often.

    The game's unending sameness is broken up by the variety of things you can shoot. Starting with plain light bulbs hanging by streetlights, you later shoot exit signs, lights in windows, glowing squares and circles. They all smash rather satisfactorily into shards of broken glass, I should add. Even the candles. Yes, when you shoot a candle, it smashes into dozens of pointy shards - complete with a shattering sound effect.

    It's simple, shallow and honestly, not particularly exciting. The razor thin premise wears pretty thin after a short amount of time and the "fast" levels are just plain rediculous. That said, there really isn't a better side-scrolling, light bulb shattering, candle smashing game around.

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