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Link-Em Bamboo! Download

  • Developer: RetroDev
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Link-Em Bamboo!

This “Pipe Dream” game has you linking bamboo shoots to make food for a hungry panda.

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  • Gohst

    Like the recently reviewed EmLink, LinkEmBamboo is an updated version of “Pipe Dream.” In this graphically improved version, the story is updated to include the plight of the modern panda. Link together shoots of bamboo which creates a healthy snack. The bigger the bamboo you link, the happier the panda will be.

    The game play in this version has been simplified from the traditional. In it, there is no designated start or end pieces, only different shaped sections of bamboo. It’s your job to pick any position then rotate adjoining pieces so that no loose ends stick out. The bigger complete chain you correctly link, the bigger the score you get. The “T” shaped pieces and leafy end pieces are worth ten points, every other piece is worth five except cross pieces which are worth fifty.

    All the point scoring is great in this game as it provides a wealth of challenge, however there is no actual high score board in the game. So there’s no reason to try and better yourself. The only other thing that Link Em would need to be complete is a clearer way of telling when your time is almost up – faster music or a more frantic panda would work nicely.

    Link Em Bamboo is a whole experience, as it stands. It simply looks great for a free game and play time is bug free and easy to understand. It’s difficult enough for adults while being cut enough for children. Summary: Definitely worth a play.

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