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Little Fighter 2 Download

  • Developer: marti wong
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Fighting
Little Fighter 2

It’s hard to explain how great this game is

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  • Coci

    I wrote a review for Little Fighter 2 (LF2) three years ago saying its easily the best freeware game in town. Three years later, I stand by those words. The Wong Brothers crafted a masterpiece that's not only perfect, but downright addicting. In honor of this games sheer brilliance, I'm gonna re-review it, but in greater detail...

    OK, I always begin by talking about the presentation of a game, because its the first thing that you notice, and some times even decides if you even want to play the game at all. While LF2's presentation isn't the greatest you might have seen in a freeware game, because there's no opening, well, no story for that matter. Despite that, the menu layout is straight forward and easy to navigate. It gives you the impression that you are indeed playing an arcade style game. With that said, the presentation is simple, because that's all it needs to be.

    Next up, it's what a lot of people judge a game by, its graphics. Rest assured, this game will not disappoint. The whole game is based on a collection of sprites, but it's the number of sprites, and its detail that make the graphics awesome. There's no fancy 3D special effects here, my friend, just good ol' sprites. Everything you do has its own sprite, from drinking a bottle of moo moo juice (milk) to executing a fire ball attack. I'm talking everything is detailed, to the point where blood is shown on your chin when your life is low (OK, I know that's OUT OF THIS WORLD material, but it was nice for the Wong brothers to do that). But you may ask "Coci, what if I don't like the sprites?" well my friend, make it yourself. No seriously, make it yourself. The game supports making your own sprites, and encourages you to make your own backgrounds. If you know DCing (Data Changing) and know how to sprite, or at least know people that can do all this, you can make your own characters along with his or her own set of moves.

    Remember how I said that the graphics are detailed? Well, so is the sound. Every collision type, no matter it be an ice column striking a wooden box , there's a sound for it. There's even sound effects for the characters foot steps for crying out loud. Sadly, there's no music, but that really doesn't matter. Just boot up the trusty iTunes, and sing away, sing away, my friend. Like the graphics, the sounds are customizable too.

    Here's the meat of the game. Where the game shines with the light of ten suns. When you play LF2, you realize something, the battle system is amazingly responsive and intuitive. Wanna shoot a fire ball? Block, Forward, Attack. Wanna summon your ice sword? Block, Down, Attack. It's easy to input your attack combination, because the system is flexible enough to read your commands no matter how slow or fast you input them, just as long as you do them right. This is a game that's easily picked up, hard to master, and even harder to put down. Even after you beat Stage Mode in the Crazy Difficulty (yea, I want to see you TRY to do seriously, go ahead) you can take the game online. It's simple to connect to a friend, just type in their IP (and make sure firewalls are off) while their waiting, and connect. Just don't try to play somebody who say lives, in say, I dunno Mexico, when you live in the US, because you will most likely experience lag. Its easily to get hooked in trying to improve your skill and learning new combos and techniques, that you may find yourself role-playing the master of LF2 with your friends on MSN. Tired of the same old LF2 attacks and such? Well, there's PLENTY of MODs on the internet that you can use to enhance, or completely change your LF2 experience. Once you play this, there's probably no way out. Dozens of characters to choose from, so little time... in the day time...

    What can I say except for "Perfection"... woah man, Deja vu...

  • Rocklee101

    Little Fighter 2 is definitely one of the best freeware games you can find. It's such an addicting experience that gives beat-em-up fans exactly what they want:Non-stop actiony brawling that leaves you breathless.

    The graphics are really good, but nothing to really write home about. But, the anime style really makes this game look beautiful. In fact, I caught myself staring at some of the character designs and backgrounds in awe(while getting my butt handed to me on a silver platter XD).

    The controls in the game are rock solid. The only way I see someone having a problem with the controls is if they have a weird button mapping. The controls work awesomely is all you really have to say about them.

    It's a beat-em-up with a few twists and turns, not much, really. But, a thing that I found cool is that in the fights, they can have so many opponents and allies in them that you can't even find your character sometimes. It's a bit annoying, but it's SO awesome.

    Is there even a story in this game? Meh, it doesn't really matter. In my opinion, a beat-em-up doesn't need a story.

    If you play this game for even 5 minutes, you can tell that it wasn't rushed. Everything is done perfectly. The only huge problem is that if there's a lot of things on screen, it'll lag, but this is common in freeware games, so it's not a huge gripe. The devs really devoted their time into this game.

    Overall, LF2 is a great beat-em-up/fighter that it IS the best freeware game on the internet(yes, even better than I Wanna Be The Guy). It's fun, challenging and most definitely a fun game to play with friends. If you're a fan of Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, Final Fight or any beat-em-up, check this game out right away!

  • Roonil Wazlib

    Okay, despite that fact that I will always rank LF2 as second-best, it gets the first review from me. Why? Because if Marti and Starski had added a couple more aspects to this gem, it would have been the undisputed best of all freewares. Although the character design is not original (the real credit goes to LF by Marti Wong), their development from cute little kids fighting in their backyard in Little Fighter to full-fledged warriors in LF2 is unbelievably awesome. You will not believe the work that seems to have gone into making this game.

    The gameplay is almost incomparable, and involves each character having his strengths and weaknesses, varied jump heights, melee speed, melee power, melee reach, attack pattern and also reach. The AI is probably the most intelligent among freeware games. Non-human characters do not simply hop around and use the same attack pattern over and over again. Instead, they carefully judge your movements and often predict your moves, finishing it off with a swift counter. Another good thing about the AI is that they are unpredictable, so it is not a rare sight to get beaten up black and blue by the same character whom you KO'ed without taking a hit at the same difficulty level.

    Otherwise, the presentation is nothing short of fantastic. Every sprite is heavily detailed and every action has a smooth co-ordination with perfect sound effects. However, the catch here is that the game lacks a playlist, the addition of which would have made this the ultimate gaming package. The other drawback is that there is no story at all, so both of these together might render the Stage Mode quite boring after a while...

  • TrustMyWords

    This game is really different compared to other fighting games out there. If you never liked Street Fighter or KOF, it doesn't mean you'll never like Little Fighter.

    The best thing in this game is the gameplay. It's very unique and fun. You can use simple attacks such as punch and kick. You can also use powerful attacks by pressing some buttons in the correct order which is a lil' bit complicated. If there's something like a glass bottle on the floor, take it and use it to smash your oppenents' head in no time! Yes, you can use weapons randomly. Each character has got its own skills and speciality. Some players start with a sword or a bow while some players start with bare hands. If you love magic attacks, you may choose a wizard.

    This game is classic. The graphic is so not for the next generation gamers. There's no mods or expansions for this game which makes the game gets more and more boring everyday. Surprisingly, this game has got online play. But sadly the onlie play is pretty dumb and unplayable - you need to know others' IP address.

    You may want to try this game. At least it'll make you happy for a week. A very good game for a freeware.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, it's hard to explain how horrible this game is, normally I'd give this 1, but people exaggerating how great this game is makes me want to give this a lower score, I don't have a clue why people think this game is good, but it's not, it's like a bad wrestling game, and I don't like wrestling games, so that's saying a lot.
    DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME EVER, the gameplay is boring and the characters are slow and aren't maneuverable at all, the graphics are pathetic and there is no music, and the rest of the sounds are terrible, this game is just amazingly horrible, there are just so many better games you could spend your precious time playing. I hope my review fulfills the role of violating the mouths of all of those reviewers giving this game such a good score with all sorts of things, including extra processed food. This game made me wish that it hadn't exist, when I played it, it made me so sad, it gave me such a dirty feeling, as if I had just been ripped off, even though the game is free. Playing this game was like being violated by a huge pig while getting shot in the leg over and over.
    10/10 if you need boredom torture training.

  • SEGofthecosmos

    It's rare in the infinite wanderings of internet gaming to find a gem of these proportions. For the first time in a very long running hunt for a perfect game, I feel at last, close to my target. Little Fighter 2 has solid controls like no other, being able to choose between keyboard or stick control, alter your control scheme and immediately get to game play is a great feature. It loads fast, has good sounds and very likeable graphics. The only thing lacking here (and I use the word lacking in only the most respectful way) is MUSIC. A game like this should have a kickin' sound track of rock to while your kickin' the bandits and archers around. Other then that tiny little thing, I can find nothing else about Little Fighter I dislike. Variable difficulty levels, several characters and special moves to choose from and five, four-stage levels to play through make this a challenge but not a frustrating one. PLAY this game. Any fan of fighters should heed this advice without pause or question. YOU PLAY NOW! I shall say no more.


  • Alphonso the Magnificent

    Ahem. All hail Little Fighter 2. It is, quite frankly the best brawler in its class that has ever been my priviledge to play. The characters are wide, and each has a specific fighting style, so it is possible to get really good with any character. Some of the special moves, however, do get a bit repetitive. For example, more than half of the characters have a projectile energy ball attack, and the only difference seems to be the color or shape. But hey, personally, I never get tired of shooting energy balls at people. I mean, honestly, who does?

    Weapons drop from the sky, and milk and beer restore health and magic points respectively (well, actually milk restores some MP too, but beer does it a lot faster... I wonder why...? ;-)).

    Multiplayer is a brilliant edition, and all of these factors combined lead me to give this game a rating of 99.3%, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! (or you'll be sorry, I promise) Take my advice.

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