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  • Developer: sirGustav
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A 3D world above the clouds inhabited by a shiny, jumping, really fast… lolball.

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  • Gohst

    Somewhere overhead is a land. A land where platforms are chequered. A land where there are stacks of boxes. In this land there is one thing, one shiny, round thing. And that thing is a lolball.

    Control with either your mouse or arrow keys, this flashy sphere and leap from island to island, down and up slopes, over hills and smashing through boxes to send them scattering. But don’t fall off the edge, or else the eternal Heck of flying through the air forever will be your grave. Well, that’s not true, you get to start again really quickly.

    Who knew that a ball with a sun-bright tail streaking behind it could be so entertaining? All you do is roll and jump. It’s basic platforming fare, but with a few additions. One: it’s 3D and it looks great, two: you can slow down time Matrix style for a little added control of a wayward ball. The addition which makes this game hilarious, is what happens when you go fast – oh, and go fast you shall.

    Cut short on length at only ten levels, the game play is extended somewhat by an instruction book with details on level editing (which this reviewer did not try). But for what it is, as a stand alone game, the small file size is well worth it for the thrill of being a – lolball – even for just a short while. An enjoyable, if not wholly meaningful experience, lolball is simply a big dose of vitamin fun.

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