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Lunar Crabs Download

  • Developer: Paul Jenkinson
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Lunar Crabs

In order to get to your space ship you must blast through a big heap of space crabs.

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  • Gohst

    In this Space Invaders style game, you play a space man with a rather large gun who has to fend off a rather annoying attack of crabs in order to get back to your space ship.

    The game is an update of a Spectrum game which means the graphics have improved since those days, however the graphics used do not stand up against modern games. In a word, they’re boring. The crabs are almost just cut-outs who “lunge” at you by basically increasing in size. It’s funny for a while but the joke wears thin.

    It must be said that even though this is a Space Invaders style game, it’s not in the style of Space Invaders. That is, the crabs are all individuals and they can shoot or lunge at any time irrespective of what the other crabs around it are doing.

    There’s no music and only some sound effects, one when you shoot and one when the crabs explode (yes, crabs on the moon explode when shot) but these sounds definitely do nothing to save this game from mediocrity.

    So, in all, it’s not a completely silly game, just a very silly one. It’s not an overly huge download, in fact it's quite small, so you can give it a shot if you like but there’s nothing really here you haven’t seen before.

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