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Lyle in Cube Sector Download

  • Developer: BogoSoft
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Lyle in Cube Sector

Lyle in Cube Sector is a mish-mash of exploration, adventure and cube throwing power-up fun.

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  • Gohst

    Start a game with a cut scene – good. Introduce the mysterious villain – good. The villain steals your cat – bad! Our hero Lyle sets off to save the day – great!

    In a world of cubes, mysterious monsters and Metroid-like graphics (and map) you explore the vast terrain, in the hopes of… getting your cat back. OK, so the story is pretty weak, but that’s not why you’re here. It’s not a book, it’s a game. The elements of game found here are fantastic.

    Lyle’s world looks great. It’s straight out of an old Nes cartridge with enough added style to update it, without destroying the aesthetic. Behind Lyle lies the sounds, and they do get a bit grating once in a while, but the music changes often enough to not be too worrying.

    As for the actual mechanics of game play? They are retro to the core. For some reason there are boxes everywhere (“cubes”) and Lyle can pick them up. And Lyle can throw them. Some of the boxes explode. Some don’t. Sometimes a magical portal builds new boxes for Lyle to take. And though they can be used to destroy enemies, a moving box can injure Lyle, too.

    The downsides of the game are few. The jumping mechanic seems muddy at first (something which is cured later with power-ups) but none-the-less can be an off putting irritant. The boxes, when they bounce off your enemies can hurt Lyle, even if they are moving incredibly slow. That takes some impulse and reaction time adjustments as discarded boxes are not immediately usable. The world Lyle inhabits is very large, and though it doesn’t feature as many Knytt-like deadends, there are periods of round-and-round we go, which is, undoubtedly frustrating but can be overcome with persistence.

    All in all, Lyle in Cube Sector is a neat balance of frustration meets satisfaction all served in a lovely looking package. Part retro and part modern, Lyle will find fans from a wide and varied audience. Will you be among them?

  • Anonymous

    The graphics on this game are nothing special. But can you imagine Halo-3 style graphics on a game where you throw boxes around? I can't either. The graphics are sufficient and provide a retro feel to this game. Very similar to Cave Story, although not quite as varied. Slightly annoying is the low resolution, much like an old gaming console. I suppose you can call that 'retro' too.
    Rating -7-

    Sound: The music on this game is fairly good, with decent variety and some more of that classic retro feel. It blends quite well with the environment and mood of the game. The sound effects are, for the most part, quite constructive to the atmosphere of the game. They can get annoying, however. You can always turn the sound down if you get tired of it. Overall, pretty decent sound.
    Rating -8-

    Gameplay: The third and most important category of my ratings is the actually gameplay provided by the game. In this game, it is pretty balanced, with plenty (possibly too much) map area and okay controls. Definitely an original concept here. The bosses are interesting as well, being quite varied. A few annoyances are that it's quite difficult to find all the items, and you get no map for the final zone. Also, it gets quite repetitive because your only weapons are, after all, cubes. Still, the gameplay is above average for a game of this size and type.
    Rating -7-

    My final rating for this game is increased slightly by the intro movie, which is quite amusing.
    Graphics 7
    Sound 8
    Gameplay 7

    Overall 8

  • Compulsive

    This game hits every aspect of gameplay perfectly. At first the game might seem a bit dull, but after about 20 or so minutes, it will get continually better. The learning curve in this game was perfect. The different enemies and movement abilities get progressively better throughout the game at the perfect time. Just as you get the hang of one ability you have some sort of challenge, then you get another one just when you want it. The enemies aren't disgustingly easy or disgustingly hard. Bosses in this game are also fairly abstract and enjoyable. For example, one boss battle is similar to the brick breaking games. The combat system is definitely unique and mixing it with the right number of enemies gave this game amazingly powerful gameplay. Nothing ever got monotonous the whole time I played through it. It will probably last about 5-8 hours depending on how good you are.

    The graphics aren't the greatest, but the whole game makes up for it with the most amazing music I've seen since the N64 games game out. On top of that the graphics seem to complement the music. The music is never repetitive.

    Overall, this game should be downloaded ASAP. You won't regret it.

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