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Magebane Download

  • Developer: villegames
  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Three monks are on a holy quest

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  • Wierdbeard

    In Magebane 2: Trinity you must guide three monks on their quest to reclaim the holy Amulet of Yendor.

    Magebane has excellent features all round. The gameplay is easy to learn but in depth, requiring you to find objects, use spells and upgrade the spells of your monks to defeat your enemies and solve puzzles. Each monk has his own special abilities. The graphics are very rich and well rendered. Not to be left out, the story line is equally good and very absorbing.

    Magebane is an excellent RPG with an interesting storyline that should keep you amused for more than a few hours.

  • G

    Megabane is one of the best games I've ever played. The quests are challenging, and take a while to complete. The graphics are good, but you can only see the action from bird's-eye view. Overall, this is a must for a RPG fantasy addict!

  • Greg Sneider


    A great game. A bit violent though, but otherwise a winner in the closet.

    Well done fellas!

  • Sanatan

    It was not good at all, your best bet would be Eternal Daughter or Kings Quest.

  • Kurniawan

    Good graphics, good original music and tactical RPG.

  • Dr doom

    The graphics are quite good and the story is ok.

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