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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Mappy is a classic nintendo arcade game from the 80's.

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  • Charles Barnard

    A problem is running it in XP requires you to run it in a WIN95 emulation mode, which is in turn emulating another processor. This multiple layers of emulation seems to cause some crashes.

    More importantly to me, at "full size" I cannot see the entire vertical screen, and most of the horizontal image is also off screen.

    These difficulties are the reasons I rated it fairly low.

    Overall it could stand to be ported to a more current OS. Due to the nature of the game, text files with instructions in other languages would cure most of the language difficulties.

    It is, in essence a very simple game with a lot of different ways to play.

    I spent literally hundreds of hours in the '80's playing in the arcade, usually on about 50 cents a day. I like to see how long I can keep the mouse going after the time runs out, and how may points I can score on a single microwave door.

  • Anonymous

    Love the game, but it randomly displays a dialogue box filled with gibberish. It happened during level 2, level 4, the bonus round 1... Also, tried it in compatibility mode for win 95, 98/ME, NT 4.0, 2000, and normal (xp without compatibility mode), 640X480, AND 256 COLORS.. None of them seemed to help much with the crashing, but I think it might be in part due to the extra life for 20000 points. F1 is info, F2 is credit coins, F3 & F4 are for starting 1 or 2 players, F11 is full screen.

    Good game, but there has to be a better version out there.

  • Rebecca

    I was able to figure out that F1 gives you a credit, F2 starts the game, then the right and left arrow keys control direction and spacebar makes Mappy jump.

    After the first couple of levels, though, the game freezes and a dialogue box appeared in gibberish that requires you to check an OK button, but then closes the game.

    I wish it could play to higher levels. Also, the sound is distorted - it sounds like the original but with a filter that increases the bass too much and puts too much vibrato in the music.

  • Mr mike

    Mappy is a classic arcade game from the 80s which was also released on Nintendo.

    Walk and bounce around the levels and collect your prizes to earn more points, but be careful of breaking the trampolines or running into one of your enemies! Remember to use the doors to help you block them.

    Very plain and simple but a good memorable game.

  • Diana

    I downloaded the game and everything was perfect until I got to level 4. That's when a dialogue appears and when I press OK the game shuts down, and if I don't, I can't keep playing anyway. It's good to remember the old times but I would like to be able to play on higher levels.

  • Jen

    I love this game, but i couldnt figure out how to play this online version, there are no instructions! Plus it's in another lanuage. Please put instructions on about what to press to start the game and move Mappy!

  • Stacy

    To play the Game use F2 to choose the amount of credits and 1 or 2 players. Then Enter to start game, use arrow keys to move Mappy and Space Bar to open doors... etc.

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