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Marble Arena Download

  • Developer: Brightside Entertainment
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Marble Arena

This is easily one of the most exciting freeware games released in recent memory.

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  • Gohst

    Sometimes the hero of a game won’t be a plumber or secret agent or space man. Sometimes, and we’ve seen it before, the hero will be a ball. Why the hero is a ball… it doesn’t matter. But this game, Marble Arena, is very, very interesting. If you’ve frequented this site for a while you could have noticed some ball hero type games (lolball; Ball Racer; I’ve Got Some Balls, etc.) but this one lifts the lid on them by including over forty levels and an editor for creation of your own.

    The idea of the game is that you’re a ball and you need to collect stars. Through out the level you will encounter various obstacles in your path. Frequently, these will be simple walls which can be jumped over. Other times the obstacle will be height. By collecting many stars, you will grow fat and heavy. Higher sections of the level will then become inaccessible, and as such it’s necessary to complete those portions first.

    Of course, it’s not all about stars. On certain levels there are other balls with you. Some are passive while others are aggressive and will attempt to push you over the edge or interfere with you in other ways. On said levels - some which resemble pool tables or soccer fields - you will gain points by pushing the balls into a select area and continuing that way.

    The minor annoyances, such as manually selecting a level to play and the occasionally awkward camera can in no way diminish the gorgeous appeal of the games spectacular graphics. Its breadth and variety of level design (with the promise of more to come) makes this game an absolute must play.

  • Goblet

    This game is extremely amazing. At first you start out in what I call the playground to test out your limits. Once that is done, you can press Esc. then level select where there are 4 difficulties. Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Custom. Beginner has levels where it teaches you how to play, then Advanced and Expert have very intuitive levels. This game has very nice graphics too. There is even a multiplayer mode where you create a server then battle people from all over the globe. Brightside Entertainment did a very good job of making this game.

  • Robwood

    I can't get out of the playground. This game fails to tell me how many stars I need so I can advance to the next level so I feel like I'm aimlessly wandering around collecting stars until the cows come home. I've currently colled 432 stars and it STILL isn't enough to unlock the next level! Because of this, Marble Arena sucks.

  • Ali

    It is a well made game but I have trouble handling the camera which is going everywhere: sometimes it is too close on the marble, sometimes I can't see the marble at all. It is something I don't like about a lot of 3D games with a 3rd person view. It makes me dizzy.

    Too bad, because other than that the game is quite good.

  • Cooldude

    Wow! Awesome game (hard to believe it's free)! The cam gets me a little dizzy though, but who says it's not fun? :) Give it a try, you'll know what I mean.

  • Prateen

    The game is superb but I wonder why on earth it can't be played on a Win98 OS. Please lower the system requirements.

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