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Matrix Dude Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Matrix Dude

An action packed platform game based on the movie

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  • Moshboy

    Matrix Dude is a game, which you probably guessed before you downloaded, based on the Matrix movies. You control Neo and fight through level after level of unrelenting and monotonous action.

    The main problem with the game is that there isn't a lot of features included in the game play and it all becomes the same far too quickly. You also receive little or no reward for your efforts except level after level of bland graphics, average sound and relentless amounts of collecting weapons, shooting and jumping around to try and avoid enemy fire. The level design leaves a lot to be desired, with extremely uninspired layouts that in no way make the game anymore challenging.

    The only, even remotely, half decent features I can think worth mentioning are a few speech samples scattered throughout the game and a cool ‘matrix language’ background. These features are minor and do not save this game from its poor standard.

    Enhanced graphics, a bullet-time function and better sounds would have greatly improved this game to at least average status but as it stands I wouldn't highly recommend this game, unless you are extremely bored.

  • Zero

    You are Neo from the blockbuster film The Matrix, and like all other platform games you must battle your way through many levels fighting off whatever comes at you.

    It can get quite hard after a while as many men are sent after you trying to shoot you. There are only a few types of weapons to choose from.

    All in all, it’s your basic platform type game backed by a big name.

  • Wilu

    Great game! Nice movement, good weapons. Maybe only one minus: shooting. It was hard to sight good, because of the speed of the bullets and enemies, but still one of my favorites!

  • Kaac

    It's great! It just looks like more than a parody, than a game truly based on a movie… but the weapons and monsters fit the game just right!

  • Mazex

    This game was great but there are too many men.

  • AcidGhost

    This game is pretty good!

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