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Metin2 is an MMORPG that provides a truly visceral experience. Upgrade your weapons and armor, engage in fast-paced PvP combat and track your character's skills in his quest to raid the evil Metin Stone area.

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    Metin2 is an MMORPG that has deep roots in PvP play. Teamwork is a must, though enjoying the game by yourself is not impossible. Much of the game’s plot revolves around which character you choose and that choice can come from four different classes—the Warrior, the Mage, the Assassin and the Sura. Reaching level five as any of these characters allows you to build a skill-tree in one “Force”, or specialty area.

    There are PvP and PvE servers, but you’ll want a mix of all four classes in order to complete most quests. The lore of Metin2 revolves around an “evil” stone that fell and is now radiating a mysterious substance that transforms the life in close proximity. It is also sucking life energy from the area around it; and to travel to the Metin Stone requires the help of healers, tanks and, of course, combat experts. Venturing in alone would surely be the end of you, even at a high level.

    But before you worry about the end of the game, or even the main goal, there is a lot to distract you. While leveling your character can grow tedious, you are also given the option to level your own equipment along with you. The upgrading of your gear tries to keep you from losing hope in reaching higher levels for your character; unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. I did find the leveling system a tad too wearisome, particularly because it is hard to fight monsters even one level above you. And you can’t upgrade your armor past the level you are at.

    The combat system, a typical hack and slash apart from spells, isn’t as accurate as some might like. But this generally works in your favor, as most weapons have a wide hit range. If you have a few friends who are willing to play with you, Metin2 can become an addicting, team-based game. But solo, I feel it is lacking.

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