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Micro Labyrinth Download

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Micro Labyrinth

A mouse-based puzzle game where inventive and creative mazes are your nemesis.

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  • Gohst

    Micro Labyrinth is a downloadable implementation of the various online flash games you’re sure to have played once in a while. Basically, the little red dot really, really wants to get to the “end” square. Guide it through mazes, around moving blocks, past the spinning blades of various fans, switch levers and more in order to assist him.

    The production is bare-bones. The graphics are flat and none too flashy. They don’t need to be and you don’t need them to be. The fact is, what’s there is there and you have to get to the end. Before each level begins you can go along any track, past walls, through any obstacle and then click on the letter “S” to start.

    As you begin the level for real, the blades will be set in motion, balls will fly and bounce around the place and blocks will begin their short little rotations to and from their starting points. All the while, you will attempt to navigate the micro labyrinth and try – usually in vain – to keep your death count down.

    Although the game is very short on depth and has zero replayability, the levels in the game provided go offer a substantial challenge. I got up to level 12 of, how many, I don’t know, before I had to resign play. A quick, brief period of entertainment which should allow for at least a coffeebreak’s worth of diversion.

  • Haagsta

    After reading Ghost's review, I went into this game expecting a piece of junk, but what I found was actually not that bad of a game. I'm kind of biased (since I love puzzle/maze games) but Micro Labyrinth relies not on graphics to make it a good game, but sheer difficulty mixed in with desire to beat "just one more level for tonight". There are 24 levels in all, and it does indeed look like it either needs to be finished or to include a nice level editor (when you finish, it just says your deaths then goes back to the start screen). All in all, I would probably give it a 60% (but again, it's my bias!)

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