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Mr. Men Click'em Download

  • Developer: Mike Archer
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Mr. Men Click'em

Play the popular game click 'em with all of the characters from the Mr. Men series.

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  • Gohst

    This is, quite simply, the coolest game I've played in a long time.

    You play Click 'em with all of your favorites from the popular Mr. Men series. You can play in one of two modes, the first is to clear the screen of all the blocks and the second is to do the same, but you are supplied with bonus blocks along the way to help you.

    The gameplay is simple and effective and the graphics are well done and quite easy to see all the matches possible. The amount of time it takes to learn this game is very small. My mother does not play games at all and never uses a computer, I asked her to play this game and within 1 minute she knew how to play and said the game was very fun.

    You can play on easy, medium or hard in both modes of play, which gives you six styles of game play to choose from in total with a high score board for each which means you can try your luck with family and friends all round.

    There is no music and the sounds are simple but slightly annoying, however they are not obtrusive and do not distract from the style of game that is created here.

    This game is a fun thinking game for adults and with the lovable characters from the Mr. Men series, children will have fun playing and might not realize it is making them think and thats what makes this game very, very enjoyable.

  • Daniel

    when I saw this game I was expecting an addictive puzzle game. What I got was a short boring game with annoying colored blocks. Once I dowloaded it I started it up and the reasonably good graphics made me want to play it. unfortunately it was a stupid ply to draw me in. The first time I played it took me about 2 minutes before it was boring. In conclusion I don't like this game and I only recommend it to a two year old with ADD.

  • Robin

    I think Daniel missed the point in this game, how long a level lasts really depends on your skill. There is no next level, you just play it until you lose. If you think carefully about your moves then a single game can last for ages. This game isn't original though, there's been many versions in the past, but I think this is the best version I have seen.

  • Manfred Richter

    It takes a minute to learn but the game keeps you at your station for hours and days. Me and my wife are fighting for the highscores. Very funny!

  • Stuart

    Mr. Men are funny and cool.

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