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  • Developer: metanet software
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

The best platformer I have ever played

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  • Azor

    N is the great kind of platformer that makes you feel almost invincible. There's nothing like the sensation of jumping through the air, dodging a deadly laser, and sliding down a wall to reach the end of a level. You'd just have to see how your character moves to understand why the game play rules.

    Your character - a weird ninja-type guy who prefers avoidance instead of destroying everything in sight - moves swiftly from platform to platform (or wall to wall) with perfection. However, the real coolness comes when your character dies. Then, you'll get to witness the excellent ragdoll physics. The quality of the graphics and physics is great.

    But enough about the physics, graphics, and overall coolness. The game play is what matters in any game, and N's game play is excellent. Sliding down walls (or jumping up them), gliding from platform to platform, trying desperately not to die... it's all very fun to do. However, the game really picks up in the later levels, where there are mines, lasers, and sentry robots abound. These levels may take you many tries to beat, but they'll still remain fun, if a bit frustrating. There's no shortage of these levels, either. With 300 unique levels, all designed very well, you'll be playing this game for a while.

    There's no music and barely any sound, but the game really doesn't need any. There is a nice save system added in the new version, too, replacing the annoying password system of the last version.

    The bottom line of this game: don't expect to kill things (as you would in other ninja games), but expect to have a good time jumping around, trying to flip the switches and collect the coins, avoiding enemies and trying not to get killed.

  • Rekall

    N is a great game where you’ll be able to control the coolest and craziest ninja.

    You will jump and slide through a myriad of levels all the while avoiding deadly laser blasts from maniacal robots. The game play is N is nothing short of incredible. The fluidity and control that the user has over the crazy ninja is one of the main things that make this game so great.

    Your ultimate goal is not to blast away everything in sight as in many platformers, but instead you will have to use cunning and agility to avoid many perils, ranging from mines to sentry bots.

    You will be able to run the game with a processor slower than a P4, but it will detract from the gameplay.

    Every aspect of the game complements the other. I am really not kidding when I say that this game is the best platformer I have ever played.

    For such a cool game in such a tiny download, I recommend N with extreme enthusiasm.

    Check out the developer's site and browse the forum to share maps and discuss game play. Also keep an eye out for upgrades and level patches.

  • Andrew

    N (Ninja) is one of the best freeware games I have ever played. Not only are you a ninja, but you can vault over death defying chasms and climb walls with ease!

    Some may complain that you don't use any kind of weapons, but once you've played it a few times you'll realize that you don't need all kinds of big weapons to be cool and have fun!

    Another interesting point about this game is that it is actually fun to get killed or kill yourself, call me crazy, but the first time I dropped poor little ninja to the ground I almost died laughing! The game play of this game is amazing, there 30 episodes, each of which have about 5 levels that are progressively harder as you play.

    In my opinion, this game tells it like it is. While it may not be a graphical odyssey, N is a beautiful game which always leaves the gamer thirsting for more bare-boned, ninja action!

  • Vortex

    Don't be fooled about the screenshot! The game just ROCKS! Man, I've never seen a platformer so fun ever in my life! The gameplay is sweet, like a true ninja, you can run, jump, stick to walls, slide down walls, jump at high distances, and the game is really challenging! Also, there are player-submitted levels, its more than 150 levels, so fun! It's a must download, if you don't download it, you are committing a big mistake!

    The bad point of the game: Ummm... Some levels may be really difficult, some may be extremely difficult, almost impossible. Luckily, those extremely hard levels are most of them player- submitted levels, so the real levels of the game aren't that hard and quite fun. Other than that, absolutely nothing! DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW!

  • Brickman

    I loved this game. Everything is perfect and it has a fairly long yet ever-persistent timer to make it a difficult to choose whether or not to risk going for extra time.

    Enemies all pose various levels of threat but they can all be outsmarted in different ways. Some other good features include, a great falling system; you can start from every fifth level you reach; nice death animations, and the later levels require insane moves, which are as much fun to watch in replay as to perform.

    Levels require some strategy but are mostly action. Best of all is the difficulty, its not one that you can beat in a week-end, and it even tried MY patience. Yet I never quit!

  • Armagedon Apple

    This game is without a doubt the best platformer I have ever downloaded from the Internet. The gameplay is nothing short of stunning! Although, when I play it I cant see the time bar because the screen turns weird. It's is a very good game. I used to be an Icy Tower fan but now i am addicted to this masterpiece. HEY! Why aren't I playing it now? I don't no so i better go.

  • Trooper

    If you found this game you are a lucky man. This game (I think so) is one of the best computer games ever. You are not just stupidly shooting everything in your way. You need to think in this game. You have to count your way through the room full of traps. I think you need to try the game and you will see that it is one of the greatest games you ever played.

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