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  • Developer: Bloody Monkey
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Strictly not for children, NaaC is a gorgeously bloody and beautifully violent shooter.

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  • Gohst

    What we have here is a frantic, no holds barred, gore filled, blood soaked tour de force of non stop, thrilling kill-everything-you-see action. In short, its fun. Lots and lots of fun.

    NaaC harkens back to ye olde days of gaming with its straight forward get to the point attitude. You fill find no story here. In its place is game play and game play is what you get. Thrown instantly into the fray, you are forced to take charge as hundreds upon hundreds of blood thirsty alien creatures hell bent on destroying you are instantly active and ready for action.

    Initially you are equipped with a rather embarrassingly low powered weapon - which does get the job done I might add - however more interesting weapons are thrown into the ring with you which can be collected. These include a very useful machine gun, an electro shock thingy, a shot gun which seemingly blasts small calibre rockets and my personal favourite: the flame thrower. There are more weapons, all of which can be cycled through at any time for instantaneous usage.

    While the game is short on depth, it redeems itself by focusing on what it does have and blowing out those elements until they make up the whole world. The bugs are many and varied clearly distinct species; their death by whichever weapon also varied; the floor; walls; pick ups and extras have all been considered and are presented at their peak of what they can be. At any given time dozens of creatures swarming, exploding and still attacking can be on the screen with you as you shoot round after round into them and the game holds up, never lagging for an instant.

    Not shy on violence, NaaC is nor for the feint of heart. What it is for though is filling a niche market in freeware games, not many can boast as high level of pure unadulterated goo splattered mayhem, but this does and does it with pride. Crammed with action, incredible graphics and a terrific sound scape, NaaC is guaranteed to satisfy the primitive blood lusting male in all of us. Do yourself a favour - get this game now.

  • TrustMyWords

    NaaC is a game about a man from the future, whose hobby is killing aliens, but unfortunately he's more likely to be killed by the aliens, and he will.

    The idea of the game isn't something new. Kill as much enemies as you can until you can't do so anymore - because you're dead. Shoot, kill, collect items on the floor again and again and again. You're stuck in one screen.

    There's only two game modes, arena and survival. I played arena, it's not fun.

    I don't bother to try survival, because it must be unlocked and most of all because I don't like kill-till-die games. There's no story mode, and no story line at all. Also no multi player mode and online mode. It would be way more fun if all those modes exist. Simplicity sometimes make a game better, but in this case it kills the game. Too plain, too dull.

    About the bloody thingy, honestly I don't see any violence in this game. Just bloods appearing on the floor. 10 years-old kids can play it, as long as they aren't faint-hearted. If I'm ESRB I will rate this game as 'E'.

    Overall, this game doesn't deserve the high rating. I recommend you to try it first though because this is just my opinion. No offense to anyone.

  • Lee

    Plot-driven RPG it ain't. If that's your only trick, don't bother with this baby. Crazy, bloody, gun-happy carnage sums NaaC up nicely. Picture Smash TV with bloodthirsty aliens and mouse-aim, a la Soldat. The player can collect several diverse guns with which to wreak havoc on anything that moves. Good news on that point, it's not one of those "which gun kills which enemy the fastest" situations; it's more of a "which gun fits your killer personality best." For instance, I'm a machine gun! If you're looking to zone out in trigger-twitch zen, this is your Om.

    Protip: Don't settle on any one gun all the time, as you may need it in a pinch. Make the ammo go further between pickups by cycling weapons frequently. Switching during combos also increases your combo rate, so it's a big plus!

  • Hitman

    It's nice and cool, but not original. When you first play it you'll notice it got it's idea from Doom, with the gameplay of Crimsonland. It's a wonderful combination, there are also the nice upgrades and perks that really help you on those tight spots. You'll really get wild and turn into a madman when you play this I agree. The boss fights are amazingly fun and blasting mobs of enemies to pieces at once is spectacular. I'm amazed it's just freeware - with a few gameplay, graphics and sound upgrades and fixes this could be a buy.

  • Fleetflame

    Even if blood and guts were the only criteria required for making a game fun to play or well-made, NaaC would still fall short of the mark. Although as I said it has nice menus and some good SFX, NaaC is only good as something to do at three in the morning. That, however, it does very well.

  • Giles F. Ahrun

    It's a fun (and bloody) game to play. If you loved Smash TV, you might enjoy NaaC.

  • Sora

    Best bloooooody game ever... it's good!

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