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Neo Sonic - Godspeed Download

  • Developer: Manicteam
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Neo Sonic - Godspeed

Another addition to the ever addictive Neo Sonic series, new storyline, new levels, great graphics and awesome music.

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  • Coci

    OK, i could make a long and boring review blabbing about every inch of this game (I personally like writing reviews...), but I'm just gonna go straight in and tell you whether this game is worth your time. The game really exceeds in presentation, cause the game is nicely put together, but I wished they would have spent more time working on the game play itself. Don't get me wrong, this game is Sonic, there's the Rings, Rings, Rings, oh, and the Rings, but there's one really important core element missing in this game... the speed. Sonic (or Shadow, depending on who you pick) get their full speed in a matter of seconds, but you cant keep it up for too long, cause you loose it just as quick. I couldn't help but feel I was playing a Super Mario game in fast forward, because its level design is more slow paced platforming that you'd expect for everyone's favorite plumber. There's no loops, no straight aways, rails, just primitive platforming. Don't get me wrong, this game has a lot to offer, such as things like a great story line, a cool Chaos system (every time you defeat a monster, you get a Chaos Emerald, use them to unleash special abilities unique to the Hedgehog your using). This game just evens itself out with a great concept, presentation, story, but non Sonic friendly level design and a tile set they could of done better with. If you're a Sonic fan (like myself) you wont be able to fight the urge of playing this game and trying to get around the sometimes frustrating game play. But, if you're not a fan of the blue Hedgehog, then, by all means, skip this game, its not the best platformer out there. Its just not "perfect" like everyone thinks it is...

  • Mr mike

    Neo Sonic - Godspeed is another release from Manic Team which was even featured in a popular UK PC Magazine (PCZone). The graphics are great, the music is fantastic and the game play is everything you'd expect from a Sonic game.

    In this download you will find the game and four cool backgrounds for your PC. Upon starting the game you can change your resolution or continue in your current resolution.

    The story line goes as follows: For the last 3 years Shadow has been training with Taiora (a pink fox) on Neo Island. It has been a peaceful 3 years until recently explosions have been occurring called "Chaotic Happenings". These Chaotic Happenings were getting closer and Shadow went to check it out where he met Sonic. The two are reunited and take on the task of investigating these strange happenings.

    Each stage you are presented with the option to play as Sonic OR Shadow. Sonic's route is the traditional Sonic style of game play, Shadow's route is slightly more difficult. In Shadows 3 years of training he has trained himself to manipulate Chaotic Energy without a Chaos Emerald, allowing him to home in on enemies off just one shard of energy.

    Loads of fun and should definitely be downloaded by all Sonic fans.

  • Anonymous

    Sonic looks pretty cool, although his 'hair' seems to point backwards in a weird way. Shadow's excellent because you can use Chaos with only one shard, unlike Sonic who needs ten.

    The spin-dashes are awesome, and can be pretty destructive. Some Badniks are rather too aggressive, and sometimes shoot at Sonic/Shadow together.

    A new feature is that in the higher levels after destroying all enemies in a particular area, a chaos relic pad and a teleportation spot will appear allowing the person playing to recharge their chaos energy and use it on the teleportation spot to be teleported to another area.

    All traditional attacks like spin-dash and jump are available. The in-between cut-scenes are well animated and cool, because they play an important role in unveiling the story. Sonic and Shadow get different background music depending on the character, and sometimes even get separate levels! There are also special stages like flying Tail's plane 'Tornado' . Altogether its an excellent and addictive game that can entertain someone for a pretty long time.

  • Bowser

    this game is brilliant honestly it belongs on a ds i cant beleive this game is so good freeware games rule now the reason i gave it a nine is that it isnt the best sonic game on acid play it just lacks the charm of the previouse games however i would still recomend it honestly a good sonic game and you dont have to be a die hard fan or even a fan to begin with this game rules thank you acid play for great games like this DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!

  • Lord Hayden

    The story is great, the tile and graphics are not all that bad, but, the bosses especially Eggman are too hard. It took a me a whole evening to beat him. And they made a mistake with drawing Sonic. His snout and chest complexion is supposed to be lighter than that of Shadow's. And they should have stuck with the Scatman theme for the end credits. But other than that, not a bad game.

  • Elaine Hutchings

    I downloaded Neo Sonic recently and found it a lovely game with cool choice of Sonic or Shadow. I think the graphics and sound effects are excellent, with great background music. More please...

  • Sonic Speed

    The game is really great... Really funny and great graphics but wow the last boss will have you pulling hair out of you head. Great game guys but the last boss should be a lot easier.

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