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Nowotnik Puzzle Download

  • Developer: Mike Archer
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Nowotnik Puzzle

Think of it as being kind of like a flat Rubix Cube, even if that won't help you solve it.

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  • Gohst

    Somehow, when Mike Archer popped onto the scene - then left again almost immediately - this game of his slipped through the cracks and didn't receive a review until now. From the developer of the adorable Mr. Men Click'em and the addicting Shapes comes this - the hardest puzzler I think I've ever seen, but its so simple.

    If you've ever played a Rubix Cube, you'll know what frustration means. You'll also know what the triumphant phrase "I've got a side!" refers to. Get ready to meet a flat version of that infuriating cube - except this time you don't get sore thumbs or go to bed hearing that click-clack sound.

    As the image shows, there are some coloured squares. The arrows on the side of those squares moves whole rows. Through the careful manipulation of those arrows, you must align the colours so that they are in their correct groups, with their similarly coloured brothers. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Can it be done? That rests up to you.

  • Stratubas

    Wanna overload your brain? This works wonders. It certainly is one of the most difficult puzzle games. And it is so in level 1 difficulty level. And there are 4 difficulty levels. No word can describe how difficult this game is.

    If you like simple but extremely difficult puzzle games, this one is for you.

    Plain mortals like me are likely to give up in the first 2 minutes.

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