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The Numbers Download

  • Developer: mk games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Numbers

An very simply arcade style game

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  • Moshboy

    Numbers is a puzzle game, played out on a 3D grid. The basic premise of the game is to send random numbers down the grid and group same numbers together in groups of their number, after which they will disappear. For example, grouping two twos together or five fives together. There are a few complications to make things more difficult however. Firstly, every so often, the leftover numbers on the grid will move toward you a notch. Secondly, ones cannot be made disappear and third, when you successfully make a group of numbers disappear, all the numbers surrounding them will add one to themselves (except sixes, which will roll back over to ones).

    Maybe it was just me but the general presentation of Numbers seemed somewhat drab, even uninspired. Graphically, the 3D is competent but there is little to attract anyone that may not have been immediately persuaded by the original concept. First impressions are always important. Even with all the colours used for the numbered blocks, the game just doesn’t seem colourful enough. Playing across a board of circuitry makes little sense and the slow moving milky way-esque background, while matching the slow paced game mechanics is unlikely to be noticed while you’re concentrating on the game itself. Even the soundtrack seemed to add little tension to the game.

    The game itself is made of a solid concept and quite playable, although it seems to lack the punch that it really needs to push it into the region of being well above average. When you make a group of numbers disappear, it would have been nice to feel an impact or see the screen shake. Because you don’t, the feeling of accomplishment is somewhat diminished, although it is still fun to watch large chains of groups disappear one after another.

    Don’t get me wrong: Numbers IS worth a look. I just feel that the concept could have been better executed.

  • Zero

    The Numbers is probably the simplest game I have ever played. However it may be simple but is hard to play.

    All there is to the game is a bunch of numbers falling down from above. You must click on each number to destroy it. I found the numbers come down way to fast, but I suppose that is the whole point.

    Your score is determined by quite a few different factors such as, amount of numbers hit, number of missed clicks, amount of numbers that are missed.

  • SGT.K-19

    Really, really dumb.

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