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One Must Fall 2097 Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
One Must Fall 2097

Yup another one of those great games that becomes freeware

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  • Unquestionable

    This game is very good. Just because it has bad graphics, it is not bad. After all, it is a very, very, old game.

    This game is good since you can choose a variety of robots, a variet of colors, and a variety of stats. You can challenge other computers, and even enter different tournaments.

    It is well balanced on the way you get your money, like, if you got hit a lot, you get less money, which seems more realistic.

    When you choose your robot, you can only choose 3, which, to me, seems fair, because it won't cause overpowering in the beginning. When you buy a new robot, all your stats get erased. Sure, that gets annoying, but it provides a better challenge to playing.

    Also, all robots aren't for sale all the time. Only 5 of a type are displayed. I recommend OMF for true gamers.

  • Ernst R.

    A game definitely worth looking at - top quality music in the background, many of settings and moves, various cool effects and interactive arenas, different fighters each with a different game feeling, a wealth of secrets and hidden options.

    Thanks to it's great customizability you (almost) never run of things to discover. Just go for a different tournament, higher (or even hidden) difficulty, invest in other upgrades, select another fighter or learn the many special and even some hidden moves ... or turn on one of the many hidden options ...

  • Vaibhav

    I remember playing the demo of this game when I was 16 (I'm 21 now). I wanted the full version badly but it required me to pay up (at that time, I didn't know that things like warez existed). After a couple of years,
    I noticed, while browsing one of the websites, that the game had become a freeware and I immediately downloaded it. I must tell you guys - it simply ROCKED!

    I havev written this small review just to tell you people to not miss out on this game! No matter what other reviewers write, this one is a MUST DOWNLOAD!

  • Acidic's picture

    Yup another one of those great games that becomes freeware. One must fall 2097 is a classic from the 486 era. Now about the game. The main thing that makes it different from all the other fighting games you have seen is this: you take control of huge robots with all sorts of really big robots and beat up other really big robots.

    Its great fun all the way and the usual guarantee of quality that comes with once-commercial games really does hold with this one.

  • Draco Dragonis

    I love this game! It is one of the best cross-games I have ever seen (think Mortal Kombat mixed with Mechwarrior). I once had just the shareware version of this and looked for this game for 3 years!

    Yes that's right 3 years and now that I have it I won't stop playing it. IF you like mortal combat or just want to try something new then please download this game but if you're a sissy who can't stand a little metal falling then go ahead and be a sissy.

  • Chris Parks

    OMF is hands down the best fighting game ever made. It has everything you have always wanted option-wise in a fighter. You get to adjust game play speed and it even has air juggles that you can turn on and off. You also get to earn new, better, special moves as you play.

    The only problem is that it is MS-DOS and can be a pain to get up and running with sound. A shame too as the music is some killer techno.

    This is a game not to miss.

  • Alpha

    OMF is the best PC fighter out there, It's a got a blend of rpg elements with it's upgrade system (similar to Soul Caliber 2).

    Gameplay: Fantastic, It will take you a while to master. [100%]

    Graphics: Nice for the time, But now out of date. [70%]

    Replayability: Fairly high, It takes a while to beat this game. [90%]

    It deserves about 94% overall since the only bad thing is the graphics, and they don't count.

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