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Pac32k Download

  • Developer: Crew 99
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A Pacman clone that takes up a

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  • Moshboy

    There are a truckload of Pacman clones floating around the big old World Wide Web and there really isn't much to set this one apart from the rest, aside from its small size. Anyone not played Pacman? I would hope not but I'll explain how to play anyways. You control an odd yellow creature that likes to eat dots. The aim of each level is to clear the screen of dots, all the while avoiding the enemy ghosts that wander the passageways of each level.

    The graphics and sound are actually surprisingly decent considering the tiny size of the game - it really is amazing what you can fit into 32kb when you try. That isn't too say that they stand up to most other games mind you.

    The only real difference between the game play in this game and the original Pacman is that some dots are required to be eaten more than once to disappear. Presumably this is to make the game more challenging but it doesn't seem to effect the difficulty very much. It isn't a hard task to avoid the ghosts, although annoyingly the occasional times that they do manage to catch you, the collision detection seems to be a little off kilter.

    Try it out if your bored - if not try something else.

  • Strenholme.usenet

    Excellent little Pacman-type game. This isn’t quite the Pacman from the early 1980s; instead of there being one level you play over and over (or four in the case of Ms. Pac-man), this game has seven different levels of increasing challenge. While the early levels are easy, the game is quite challenging by the fourth level.

    The game features other things the Pac-man of old didn’t have, such as modern graphics, dots you need to eat multiple times, and, in later levels, flame-throwers you must avoid.

    The latest version (1.4) is available at the Code99 web site; make sure you download version 1.4, since some bugs with glitchy collision detection have been fixed in newer versions.

    This game only takes a couple of seconds to download (even on a 14.4 modem), and is well worth it. I’m giving it a 9 instead of a 10 because, while there is title screen music, there is no music (only sound effects) during the actual game.

  • Jennie Lamond

    I am a Pacman fan from long back and I must say that this is the most annoying version I have ever played. The ghosts are extremely easy to avoid, and difficult to catch when you can eat them. Furthermore, the differences like dots requiring to be eaten more then once, fruit appearing in different places and the worst of all: all the dots reappearing when you die, do not add to the excitement of the game at all. The graphics are really nice though, so I would love to see the person who created this working with other projects in the future.

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