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Penguin Adventure Download

  • Developer: High-5 Explosion
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Penguin Adventure

A very cute penguin with an umbrella is up against some large foes, trying to get its mother back.

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  • Gohst

    It’s true, all of it is true. As much denial as anyone could have, there is no way to ignore the massive penguin revolution which is sweeping the world. From films (March of the Penguins; Happy Feet) to games (Tux Racer; TAGAP) there is an undeniable ground swell in support of these flightless black-and-white creatures.

    Penguin Adventure, as you may have guessed it, is a game which situates a penguin in an adventure. What kind of adventure? Why, the noblest adventure of all, of course. Through the use of an incredibly well designed cut scene, we learn that this poor penguin has had its mother kidnapped. The only one who can save her, is this small, lonely penguin.

    Throughout the way you will be helped by a big fat walrus who gives you special powers in return for collecting gold. To collect gold you either finish a level through its correct exit, or if the level has only one exit, you need to do it fast. The powers he gives you include the ability to jump off walls, do flips and more.

    The sad thing about the game is that it falls into the same trap that Glace did before it. Huge levels but not enough variation or challenge. With a little practice nearly every level can be completed in less than thirty seconds and enemies are easily avoidable from the outset, so they never slow you down.

    Even though the game does feature a penguin in a largely non-threatening environment, with enemies which are “knocked out” (not killed) by whacking them with an umbrella, the game is not exactly kid-friendly. You will need to exercise a lot of parental supervision during this game because pulling off tricks to get into certain areas can be overly difficult at times and will lead to frustration and temper tantrums, if left unchecked. That said, there is a lot to enjoy here and the game will find fans in some.

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