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Perfect Cherry Blossom Download

  • Developer: Team Shanghai Alice
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Perfect Cherry Blossom

In this shooter, you are a beautiful school girl flying through the air and you shoot rockets at other girls.

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  • Gohst

    It’s this type of game which gives Japanese shooters a good name. It’s manically fun, it’s ridiculously furious and absolutely extreme. It’s perfect.

    The guns, the girls and the backgrounds are all brilliantly done; everything works seamlessly and looks fantastic. In short, the graphics are flawless.

    The game play is, in one word, beresk. As soon as you get in, bullets are flying left right and centre, the enemies are coming at you, their bullets are flying, zooming about as your own swamp the level in a blinding blanket of destruction. Nothing I can think of right now is more fun than this game. It’s extreme.

    The sounds and music are wonderful, they fit perfectly and you’re really pulled into the world created for you. The music intensifies the atmosphere and the sounds are subtle and very nicely done.

    Some of the menus are in English but for the most part they’re Japanese, though if you’re reasonably good at figuring out what things say, then you should get into the game with no hassle. Just don’t worry too much about the story in the game.

    In short: get this game. It’s so fun and it’s so exciting to play. One of the coolest games I’ve played in quite a while. You won’t regret it, especially if you like shoot-em-up games.

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded this demo, along with the English patch. At the moment, I've only beaten Medium once, with 5 lives and a continue. If you are in for a challenge, then download this game right now. The action is extreme. If you ever watch someone play any Touhou game, you may wonder how people dodge the bullets. I found just by trying this game, you gain a natural feel. Games that give you this kind of feel are always good. I still feel that the dificulty is a little unforgiving, but if you are fans of the Raiden series, or any other top down shooter, then get this game. It's completely awesome.

  • Anonymous

    What more can a power-crazy bullet hell survivor ask for? A unique play of characters, more bullets, immense gameplay, an amazing storyline... This SHMUP is truly one of the best.

  • Riokanoya

    I totally recommend it, I loved this game, and BTW check touhou's flashes also. They're in Japanese, but it's still cool.

  • David

    It's great! Just download it and see yourself!

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