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Phobia III Download

  • Developer: redlynx
  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Phobia III

Your real purpose is to kill as many of the alien scum as you can

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  • Thelonious

    Sorry guys, but I HATE this game. First of all, it is certainly NOT an RPG. It's a straight action game, and not a very good one at that.

    When I first started it up after the SIX HOURS it took me to download it on a 56k modem, I could tell that it was just a toned-down version of Crimsonland.

    Unfortunately this game only succeeds at being unoriginal and far too difficult (I never got past the first mission, and I like to think of myself as a half-way decent gamer). There's no way its worth the 91 MB download. Avoid at all costs. The only reason it gets 20% is because it has decent graphics, but it doesn't excuse the huge size.

  • Anonymous

    I love this game, the music and graphics and sounds are great. This is an action/strategy game, you need to plan out the round in advance and do everything just right to win. This game can be very frustrating at first but once you figure it out it is very rewarding. The gun shooting at a 45 degree angle all the time may be awkward at first but it is essential for circling hordes of aliens and herding them into a blob so you can control them. Any bad reviews are from people who only play twitch games that are not used to having to use their brains to accomplish the goal.

  • Rekall

    Phobia III started in 1999 and has recently been released as freeware and it has it all: 16-bit, high resolution graphics, epic story line, a wide assortment of weapons and a great deathmatch option.

    Your real purpose is to kill as many of the alien scum as you can and there are plenty of varieties of aliens to kill and more weapons than you'll know what to do with. You can even follow a career and earn honour points for promotion.

    Phobia III offers a good story line backed by solid gameplay.

  • Acidsponge

    This game almost reminds me of Smash TV which I loved. However, since you can't fire in the same direction you move it's almost impossible to control, which makes it impossible to finish the first board. Too bad otherwise it would be fun instead of frustrating. Good graphics, cool weapons. what a dissapointment.

  • Slayer92

    As I've already stated, Phobia 3 is the best game in a long time. The good news, you can kill 1000-5000 aliens in one round. The bad news, you need to slay a LOT of aliens to get to the next mission. The game rocks.

  • Chris Church

    A great game and worth the 90 meg download. Very good graphics with original music. Good fun if you just want to kill something.

  • Ray

    Hard! but fun none the less. All I can say is download it and experince the masterpiece.

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