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Planet Of Cartmans 2 Download

  • Developer: Junkman
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Planet Of Cartmans 2

The evil Eric Cartman has released the Cartmanite virus upon the world turning everybody into himself, play as Stan, Kenny and Wendy and destroy Cartmans minions and himself!

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  • Mr mike

    The story behind Planet Of Cartmans 2 is that the evil, fat Eric Cartman from South Park has re-released his Cartmanite virus upon the world, after being destroyed (so everybody thought) by Kenny a few years before. The Cartmanite virus turns everybody into Cartmans and has now evolved to making more powerful Cartmans.

    You have to play as Stan, Kenny and Wendy (each have their own special powers and abilities) and defeat all of the Cartmans, boss Cartmans and Eric Cartman himself before it's too late!

    The graphics in Planet Of Cartmans 2 are 2D and are reasonably well made for a freeware game. You can play in a small window or maximized full screen. Movement is simple with the usual forward, backward, jump, run and shoot keys. You have the option of three different difficulty levels and the game play is quite challenging at times.

    As you progress in the game, you can pick up health and eight different weapons (blaster guns, grenades, shotguns etc.). There are 30 levels in Planet Of Cartmans 2 and every fourth level you will face a boss Cartman.

    I enjoyed this arcade game, I'm sure most of you will too. Download it!

  • Judge of freewares

    This game is really a sad production. The graphics are really poor and the sound isn't anything special. I don't know why it got rated 90%. Well you can still download this rubbish to see how 'good' it is.

  • Roman PuĊĦec

    Man, this game is so cool! There is everything I like about this game; levels, game play, weapons etc... If you are a good platform player, you should download this game now.

  • Marco

    It's ok - it's just that you have to do the whole level over when you die.

  • The One

    This game is fun if you're a fan of South Park.

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