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  • Developer: Nikodem Lokatelj
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

It’s a game where a character jumps on platforms, over enemies and collects stars.

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  • Gohst

    Its been nearly 25 years since a fat moustachioed plumber named Mario first graced our consoles and screens. In the quarter-century that has just passed, there have been millions of articles written about Mario and his dozens of sequels, spin-off’s, variations and imitators. The impact that he had on the gaming community, particularly "platform" games, cannot go underappreciated and certainly hasn’t gone undocumented. That’s exactly why I wont bother with a lengthy Mario-related introduction to this simple game.

    It’s a platforming game. The concept is thus: You’re a dude. You’re standing on something. You need to be somewhere else. Go there… by jumping… on platforms. It’s not complex and it’s a formula you’ve seen a galactic number of times before, and - I won’t lie to you - you’ve seen it done much better, many, many times.

    Your character is crudely drawn and so are the environments. The enemies are blocky and so are the squiggly stars you need to collect. Collect these and you get to go through a door. You know when you’ve got them all because the door suddenly goes from being closed to open – no movement inbetween.

    Yeah, the game is short. It’s pointless, its blocky and largely uninteresting. You won’t revisit it and you probably wont even keep it for long. What it succeeds in doing, though, is boiling down the elements of platformer games to their essence. Baddies, ground, collectables, goal – they’re all here and none of them are any more special than eachother. Take a look at Platformer then take a look at the other platform-games you’ve been playing. It truly makes you think… Maybe.

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