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Pokemon - Pikachu To The Rescue Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Pokemon - Pikachu To The Rescue

You are Pikachu and must rescue all the Pokemon characters

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  • Bulbasaur and Charmander

    Lets talk,


    Most of the pictures were from the Gameboy Color Pokemon games (Red/Blue/Gold/Siver/Crystal) with some animation. Why not use the GBA Pokemon Emerald animations instead of those pictures?


    Bats and bees - huh? Why not as pokemon: Zubat and Beedrill? Terrible!


    The song was too short! I thought it was the Pokemon theme! And when Pikachu dies it is a bad sound too.

    It's unplayable. It's better playing other games.

  • Pokedude

    It's okay, but it could be better... I'll list the problems:

    1: Too big jumps. Pikachu jumps way too far.
    2: Graphics: Poorly made graphics. The only thing that is decent looking is Pikachu.
    3: No attacks. If Pikachu had a gun or at least could use thundershock that would be good.

    If these problems were fixed it would be one of the best games.

  • Jojojo

    The game is not so good, as it is of only a MB of about 1.

    The problems found are-
    1. It jumps too high so we can't hold on
    2. it sould have had attacks so that we could attack

    These were most of the problems. If this will be solved, it would have improved.

  • Zero

    This is a poorly made little Pokemon game where you must play as Pikachu and rescue all the other Pokemon people.

    It's almost a playable game, but has too many bugs to make it any fun.

  • Ryangrilliot

    This should be in the trash heap. There is point of having this game on here! Rating = 0.00

  • Diane

    This is the designers very first game ever created. Keep your eye on him for future games!

  • RuneScythe

    I would have enjoyed if pikachu had a gun and could shoot people. It is a terrible game.

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