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Project Entropia Download

  • Developer: Mindark
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Life Sim, Massively Multiplayer
Project Entropia

An amazing online community based 3D game

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  • Zero

    “The Entertainment of the Future is already here”

    Project Entropia is an amazing online community based 3d game. Not only is it free to download, but subscription to the community is completely free as well.

    When you join the community you can create your visual three-dimensional character using their character generation system. You can now start exploring this brilliant science-fiction universe and living a virtual life exploring all your fantasies.

    The planet known as Calypso is where everything is located. This world is constantly being developed and improved by the game creators.

    There are many types of places to live in, some bigger than others. These include cities, outposts, settlements or organizations.

    When you begin you can choose where to live or if you feel adventurous you can venture out into the unknown to start your own civilization. This can be quite dangerous considering all the mutants, robots and other creatures out there.

    Project Entropia has its own currency called PED’s. You can buy credits using real money then use this money to buy items inside the virtual universe. This can be exchanged back into real money as well.

    You are also able to earn money in Project Entropia in a few different ways. You can sell items which you have found or created as well as when you complete certain quests and adventures you will be awarded money.

    In order for the civilizations survival there is a lot that is needed. Things like clother, weapons, equipment, research of new technology, natural resources and much more which will have to obtained in some way.

    Project Entropia is truly an amazing game, and if you are luckily enough to have a computer and an internet connection that is good enough, I suggest you give this a try.

  • Chaimite

    I have played this game since January 2002. My review about the actual state of this game is this:
    Free? It's free but soon enough you are spending like a King!
    Creativity: It's great - there are lots of things to do at the planet or at the space station or at the space ships.
    Technical: Some bugs and a lot of lag some times, even with broadband.
    Overall: I tried other mmorpgs but left after some months. The real thrill about Project Entropia is the link: virtual money - real money. So if you make money in game you can get it out to your wallet.
    In the game I'm mostly a hunter and one day I killed some beast and looted one item (a weapon) that was worth about 3000 USD. Basically that's why I still play it almost every night. Of course that if you would like to buy that gun you have to put 3000 USD on the game.. so of course it's free but only if you don't want to play it for real.

  • Whitefox

    When you first arrive in Eudoria on a shuttle flight from Earth you will possess a pair of boots and a bright orange jumpsuit.

    You can simply go explore, meet friends, get killed by ferocious alien creatures, and all completely for free. But there is another side to the story here. You will notice that many players are running about with expensive looking guns, clothes & armour, not to mention space shuttles, homes & shops. This is because PE's economy is linked to the US dollar so that many of the people you meet in-game are actually hunters, miners, armourers or tailors earning REAL money for the virtual jobs they do.

    This is truely the final fronteer, a virtual universe you can work and play in. I guess the last remaining barrier to full integration with your PC is that you still have to eat that slice of pizza with your mouth :).

  • Anonymous

    This is an excellent game with one of the most helpful and friendly communities behind it! It takes a lot of patience, time, and money (the amount being 100% your choice) to get far in this game, but that's a good thing!

    The game world is huge with a “Version Update” planned monthly. This game will only grow bigger, better and more important to the MMORPG scene.

    The game deals with real world currency which can be deposited and even withdrawn if you gain during the game! This, so far, is a very unique and enticing feature about Project Entropia.

  • Zezima

    This thing is great and has cool graphics! But you need at least a high system PC. This game is fun for a year or two! You can edit your character and change looks! It has everything. The game is 3D. You control your person which is cool. It also has cool controls. Trust me this is a must play and download for Sims 2 and simulation fans - it rocks!

  • Oracai

    This game is crazy good you can make your own weapons, mine, buy weapons and hunt hundreds of different animals, and go into space, and explore many different cities, you can even own your own property.

    This game has some of the best graphics for a free game I have ever seen in my life. You can't let this game up. Must play!

  • Henk717

    Entropia is the best game ever.
    You can: Hunt; Mine; Have fun and much more.

    There are also a magazine and a cash card for real life. Cool isn't it?

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