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The Sims TC Download

  • Developer: TC Games
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Life Sim, The Sims, Worst Game Ever
The Sims TC

The Sims TC must go down as one of the worst games ever created.

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  • Adam Box

    Like everyone, I wanted to see if this was really as bad as it's cracked up to be. It is pretty bad but its not that bad.

    You spend the day in a house, accumulating points for doing daily things. That is, keeping clean, staying alert, staying happy, not staying hungry. etc, etc.

    You stay clean by standing in the shower. You get more happy by watching TV, you get less hungry by eating etc. However the drawback is it takes so long for you to sit in the bed and regain your energy that all your other functions have dwindled. The other draw back is having to quit the game every time you want to play again. Because once you put in your high score and press space to start again, you don't start again, you put in your high score again! Which means you can get an OK score and obliterate the rest of the high score board in one fell swoop. Its madness.

    If you want to try this game, do so, I'm not stopping you, but I guarantee you'll be back here writing about it because it's such a silly game. Oh and the other drawback is the readme file which treats us like baboons. No-one wants to be spoon fed a game but the only thing in the read me is a note that says "figure it out yourself" ...yeah, good one...

  • Zero

    TC Games is a group that remake classic games in under an hour. So you all think great! Remakes of classic games! Let me just give you the low down on what happens when a game is made in under an hour: It turns out like this game, The Sims TC.

    The Sims TC must go down as one of the worst games ever created, rivalled only another of TC Games’ Games Super Mario TC. There is little point to The Sims TC. You have to walk around a house and try to not die. Easy enough, you do it all the time right? You get score for living, then when you die you go to a high score table.

    Once again this is definitely a MUST NOT DOWNLOAD game.
    Note: You must change you screen resolution to 640x480 or 800x600 to play

  • Kwabena Gyasi

    Okay, let me get this straight. You've got to know that this game is really stupid theirs no point for it. All you do is walk around a stinky old house trying not to get killed. There is no where to go. No secret passage ways or doors leading outside. On top of all that, the graphics are horrible. The person that created this should be in prison for life.

    Warning: This game has no point and has no value so don't bother to download this game. It's totally boring whatsover. You'll just be wasting your megabytes (MB).

  • Fireomen92

    Well, TC have definitely lived up to their rep. and given us a completely lame and pointless game. Basically you have to try and stay alive by keeping all your needs at a decent amount. Easy right? Wrong. It ends up getting ridiculously hard to complete your needs and lets face it, its boring.

    The graphics turn out to be pretty stoneage aswell.
    Give this game a go, I'm not stopping you, however you'll be uninstalling it and deleting the setup file like I did.

  • Anonymous

    This is just the worst game ever. Even I could make this stupid game. It's a crappy game made with visual basic, you have only a limited time to go to the bathroom and eat and all of that.

    The worst part about this game is that time goes way too fast!

  • Flukeblake

    The Sims TC is a pretty basic game, with mediocre graphics and boring gameplay. But, it isn't terrible. The game is not actually too bad, especially considering the VERY small download size. Good for a quick play, I give it a 4½ / 10.

  • Devonodev

    SimsTC is not good. But it's not bad either.

    I played it for about 15 minutes before i got sick of it.
    15 minutes isn't that bad. I have played alot worse.

    I reccommened that you download SimsTC and give it a try.

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