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Push DX Download

  • Developer: Mike Archer
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Push DX

A great, well rounded game where the object is to navigate blocks around a tight maze.

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  • Gohst

    Push DX is a very cool game where the object is to push a bunch of chubby faced cubes around onto their specified colour patches.

    The graphics are crisp and smooth with everything clear and concise. Bricks, walls and everything are clear that they do what they do, unlike other games of the like where things are confusing. This one is excellent to look at.

    Coupled with the graphics is the game play which is just as good, arguably better. There is not much depth to it, though, but the nuances are too many to mention and you will notice them as you play and they are well worth a look and the game is very entertaining.

    In all I would definitely recommend this game to any puzzle enthusiast and even to anyone who likes games. Because the game itself is so well crafted it could definitely be enjoyed by almost every gamer out there. It’s well worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Good potential, but this game REALLY needs a Save option. I'm sick and tired of being stuck on Level 3 and having to redo 1 and 2 whenever I reach a game over (which is frequent). And an Undo Move option would be great, too, for those minor slip ups you don't intend to make. Other than that, this is a great puzzler that'll really get your brain's left side juices flowing.

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