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Quadra Download

  • Developer: Ludus Design Inc.
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

This is the most exciting game of Tetris I have ever seen; it’s superb in every field.

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  • Gohst

    Quadra is a fantastic Tetris game with many options, fantastic graphics, addictive game play and wonderful sound effects.

    The graphics in this game, first off, are second to none. Everything is flawless, from the backgrounds to the layout of the level design to the pieces and their interaction when they connect and split on the bottom of the playing field.

    The game play is terrific, everything is so fluid in motion that it’s kind of hypnotic to play.

    The colour and appearance of your blocks change along with the sounds they make with every level-up. Never are the new graphics or sounds annoying, they simply flow along steadily with the game. This brings a dimension of freshness to each level and also enchances replayability, to see which blocks or sounds will appear next.

    With the options to play against a friend, across LAN or across the internet, the possibilities are endless. This is the best Tetris game I have ever, ever played. I highly recommend this download.

  • Ana

    This is currently my favorite Tetris game! I agree with the editor's review, everything about this game is just so nice and polished. The color schemes and sounds that change with each level are not annoying but keep the game fresh. The difficulty is just right, it starts off slowly and then increases pretty fast. I haven't tried the two-player option yet, but that seems like a cool idea. This is a great game, if you like Tetris, try this version!

  • Anonymous

    The best thing in this awesome tetris game, that it has gravity, so you have to plan ahead, and this is the reason why this game never gets boring. And the multiplayer option is fantastic! But prepare before you try multiplayer, some guys play really fast there. Good luck and have fun!

  • Anonymous

    Join us and play some, we need more players, don´t be afraid that we are fast, u will get fast if you play for a while!

    /// -z00y0rk-

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