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Rally Sport Download

  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Rally Sport

Classic 3D Rally game, good graphics and competative gameplay with a choice of tracks to race on.

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  • Fleetflame

    Rally Sport may seem to some to be just another DOS resurrection from the mad, slobbering abandonware side of freeware gaming, but it is much more. The graphics here are nothing out of ordinary, but the physics of the cars and tracks are absolutely incredible in a game this old. The only thing lacking is the depth of the car-to-car contact; once mastered, you can force the lead no matter how you rub the other player. However, each car handles differently, and the track surfaces effect grip; giving the game a live feel and opening opportunities for some great drifting.

    Games such as this are the reasons some people love DOS gaming. Rally Sport has all the important features of a larger, more graphic racer, but with a fraction of the hard drive space.

  • Mr mike

    Rally Sport is an old school 3D Rally game using vector graphics, which are very impressive for the game's time, including realistic movement and extras such as scaring spectators away from the side of the track!

    You can drive on sand, ice or gravel and either place against the computer or 2 players with a split screen mode.

    Challenging but fun! Highly recommended.

  • Saq

    I had been looking for this game for a while. But I now have it again and love it. The thing that I like is that if you drive right, you can make yourself look SOOOO great sliding through the corners.

    The one and only thing that puts me off this game is the background music. But everything else is GREAT. This game never gets old for me.. and hopefully not you.

  • Chriss

    It's a totally sweet game, but there is a downside. The downside is that there are no levels that you can beat. It's all just go in and play. No unlocking new cars or tracks, just racing. Nevertheless, very fun and quite realistic despite the graphics.

  • EJRocky

    This has to be the best game ever made, for any platform. It's realistic and you can slide and drift with the greatest of ease, and features DOS style graphics so it will run on any PC! This is excellent. Sure beats Codemasters... five stars.

  • Dynoob

    This game is really good! I love it...

    The graphics are so lovely and the gameplay is really good!

    I think you should download it and try it by yourself!

    I have an new favourite game!

  • Reviewer69

    It's a great game, but what goes up must come down. the car sound is deafening! But apart from that it's great!

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