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Reaction 3 Download

  • Developer: nihilyst
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Reaction 3

A game of skill and dexterity which has you guide a pixel through deadly mazes.

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  • Gohst

    As if guiding a little unstoppable pixel through a dangerous maze wasn't hard enough - Reaction has gone and turned the difficulty up to eleven with this effort.

    Requiring skill, dexterity, some luck, willpower and coordination, you have to do the following: Move the pixel through the various caves to the exit. This is made more difficult by the pixels propensity to move continuously - especially in tight corridors.

    The twisting caverns of mazes are made more difficult by the fact that touching any wall is instant death. The deadly walls are made more deadly by the fact that you need to hug them often to flip switches which open new areas. One switch needs to be flipped only after solving a math equation correctly. Additionally, there are bonus points scattered around the maze to collect if you try traversing the most dangerous of caverns.

    And on top of that, there is the best part of all! Depending on your difficulty mode, there are three to seven buttons in the left hand column. One will light up every three seconds (or more frequently depending on the difficulty) and - while still maneuvering around the maze - you have to press the corresponding letter key which is flashing at that moment. If you don't, or if you press the wrong key, you're docked ten points. Also crashing into a wall takes forty points off you. Think of it sort of as the worlds most painfully devised typing tutor in existence.

    So why play it, if its only selling points are random insane things that will kill you? Because its very fun. No other game succeeds in having such an odd assortment of cobbled together elements. It's like a proud child holding up a piece of paper with sticks glued to it. They're so proud to have created something, even if its just a mess of things stuck together - and you can't help but see the glimmer of charm in it.

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