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Roach Toaster Download

  • Developer: Shotbeak Games
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Roach Toaster

Roach Toaster is a single-player, turn-based strategy game played on a grid and featuring bugs.

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  • Gohst

    Continuing with the turn based strategy theme, Roach Toaster is a strategic defense - or more accurately offence - game where you manage an elite squad of roach exterminators. How elite? Well, do you consider machine guns and grenade lobbers to be in the realm of an elite bug squashing unit?

    That's right, you don't use the usual sprays and roach traps to lure these mongrels to their demise. You shoot the ba-jeebers out of them with high powered firearms. But there's a catch - you can only use so many weapons in one go. You have a strict budget which you use to hire more reinforcements - I mean 'staff'.

    The upside is: It's easy to pick up and play, its fun and it doesn't require too much planning - at first. Which brings me to the downside, which is: You don't seem to be able to remove troops and gain back some of your money. Which means if you place a unit to wipe out a small herd of bugs, and it does that, you can't sell it and erect one near the new, large amount of bugs which appeared during the round. This is annoying, but can be understood to heighten the strategic qualities - but nevertheless is still frustrating.

    In all, its quite a neat little game. The balance between blowing up roaches and planning ahead make this game enjoyable on a few levels. Oh, and something which makes any game cooler: It comes with its own level editor.

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