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Roswell Racer Download

  • Developer: Eric Clayton and Alec Moody
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Roswell Racer

The Aliens have landed and they're karting around Roswell!

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  • Acidic's picture

    The Aliens have landed and they're karting around Roswell!

    In Roswell Racer you race other Aliens around a beautifully rendered 3D track, Mario Kart style. The game features some interesting power ups including missiles, speed ups and time slow downs. These power ups are vital if you want to win the race.

    There are 3 tracks in total, the first one is unlocked when you start the game. The other 2 are unlocked as you win races. This gives you a healthy dose of winning incentive.

    3D graphics as good as Roswell Racer's are rarely seen in home-made freeware games. They are truly awesome, playing this game was a visual treat all the way. Unfortunately the graphics have pushed up the games requirements fairly high but this was to be expected.

    Roswell Racer was ShellShocked Entertainment's entry to TheGameCreators Alienware competition of 2003. It deservedly won 2nd place, as soon as you start playing you will see why. It has very simple gameplay but is really addictive.

    Another major plus for Roswell Racer is it's really small download size, a mere 15MB. For what you are getting that is really nothing.

    The shortfall that made me rate this game 95% instead of 100% is it's bugs. There are so many of them and this can really effect gameplay.

    Small download size, addictive gameplay and awesome graphics. This sounds like the perfect freeware game to me! Well it's not perfect, but it comes pretty close. Download it if your PC meets the minimum requirements.

    At first I rated this game 95% but I have been playing it some more and the bugs in the game are really getting to me. Rarely a race goes by without you getting stuck in something. So I've changed it's rating to 80%. It's still a really fun game but only when you're lucky enough not to be effected by any bugs.

  • ChorusCicada

    This game is a very great game, I've put it on my PenDrive!

  • Matti

    Well made game!

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