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Rounded Bugs Ex Download

  • Developer: QuestTracers
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Rounded Bugs Ex

A quirky click-and-shoot type game where the hero is the last cursor in existence.

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  • Gohst

    Imagine the end of existence. Imagine an all out war. Imagine the end is near for the cursors. Every cursor was rounded up near the end of the battle and, as victory seemed near against the bugs – a blinding white light shone down and destroyed every last cursor. All but one.

    The bugs are winning and you – the last cursor in existence – must win over them. In order to succeed, you must position yourself over the offending bug and click. Then, all will be well again. However there are more bugs, and more in a seemingly never ending string of fifty challenging levels.

    Throughout the levels, the bug army will step up its attempts to kill you. They will try dispatching not only ordinary bugs, but double bugs, fast bugs, time bugs, ninja bugs and, of course, love bugs. The love bugs are innocent bystanders who you must never, ever injure.

    Although the game lacks depth, let’s face it, you point and click. It does have a surprising amount of length and many of the levels are very, very challenging. Rest assured; this is not a downloadable version of some tacky flash game. You will not finish this in one sitting and will constantly challenge your awareness and hone your clicking skills. This game is enjoyable as long as you’re not expecting something richly complex.

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