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Safrasoft Rox Download

  • Developer: Ilya and Dmitriy Safro
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Safrasoft Rox

A superb Boulderdash clone, marred only by the fact that it freezes half way through the game.

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  • Moshboy

    Safrasoft Rox is a Boulderdash clone and a polished one at that. You control a small beast named Thresher and your task in each level is to collect all the ‘unids’ while dodging falling rocks and enemies until you finally reach the portal to finish each level. The game has many levels, the first ten or so of which are free to play in whichever order you choose. The rest, however, must be unlocked.

    The level design is clever and tricky and the game becomes challenging very quickly. It doesn’t take long to run into some frustration. If you are persistent, you will probably love this game. If you are impatient, you might want to think about steering clear altogether. The controls are smooth and the collision detection is right on the money.

    The graphics are nothing short of excellent and have a very unique graphical style all of their own. Everything is drawn brilliantly and the generally darker color schemes used in many of the levels suit the mood of the game perfectly. If you like eye candy, this is your game. The sound is also impressive, although if you are stuck on a level too long the soundtrack and sound effects might start to grate on your nerves a little bit. There is always the option to manually turn the sound down.

    Unfortunately I do have one major complaint (and warning) about the game. It froze at many key moments within the game (it was tested on Win XP) and the only way to rectify this was to use the CTRL-ALT-DEL combination to end the task and end out of the game. If it wasn’t for this, I could almost have given this top marks but as it stands, this seems to be a major flaw in an otherwise great Boulderdash clone. Whether it happens to everyone I am unsure.

    I will still highly recommend this game because I did get the chance to complete many of the levels and the experience was immensely enjoyable. Just be aware that if you are stuck on one of the trickier levels, do not be surprised if the game locks up.

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