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Sensitive Download

  • Developer: TBD Soft
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

This is an addictive remake of an old C64 puzzle game.

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  • Mr mike

    First impressions are deceiving with this C64 remake. Sensitive is an addictive, challenging puzzle game.

    You are presented with a 2D path made out of blocks, some blue, some orange. The blue blocks are safe for you to stand on, but the orange blocks explode within a matter of seconds after you move onto them!

    In Sensitive your aim is to explode all the orange blocks without falling off. Sounds easy? Well it isn't! It takes some careful thought and maneuvering to get rid of all the orange blocks and manage to end up on the assigned "Exit" block!

    With 60 levels of play this game will frustrate you to the point of giving up, but give it five minutes and you'll be right back there trying to figure it out!

    Nothing special, amazing or action packed. Just an addictive, simple puzzle game. If you like challenges, give it a try.

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