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ShadowFlare: Episode One Download

  • Developer: emurasoft
  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
ShadowFlare: Episode One

A really impressive Diablo type RPG

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  • Vinakro

    This is one of the funnest RPGs I've ever played. I say this is much better than some commercial RPGs too. I like the dog idea and the nice, smooth gameplay. A very nice Diablo clone. Maybe even better!

    Graphics - 8/10: The game was created a while ago but still stands up well against modern games, especially since it's freeware. So in total, these graphics are nice for a freeware game.

    Gameplay - 8/10: I like the amount of items and cool battles, though continuous clicking isn't that good. This can sometimes add to the challenge though.

    Storyline - 4.5/10: There is a storyline at least but it was not well thought out - so many things unanswered. The game is basically a Hack n' Slash game without a good storyline and RPGs usually rule with storylines.

    Music - 7/10: The music is quite good. There are many sounds for things in the game but the music is average and can get repetitive, though when you first play the game it sounds good.

    Overall Score: 7 all in all - a good RPG, especially for a freeware game. But quite average compared to the Shareware games. But why compare a completely free game to a game that costs money!

  • Rekall

    It’s pretty amazing what independent game developers are getting up to these days.

    ShadowFlare: Episode One is a Diablo-like Action RPG which looks and plays as well as commercial rivals. Developed by Emurasoft, this game is really a clone of Diablo, which isn’t a bad thing because then you know what you’re getting.

    By looking at the screenshot you can see that the graphics are very impressive.
    The game comes in 4 episodes. Only Episode One is free, and you aren’t obligated to buy anything. It is a merely a teaser and a damn good one at that.

    This is one of the best titles of this genre and it’s nice to see Indy companies producing games of such a high calibre.

  • John Allen Jaynes

    The only, let me repeat that, the ONLY beef I had with this game is you have to quit to save the game. Also, when you get killed you loose some of your items and are teleportated back to the very beginning of the game.

    No matter where you save it from, you are teleported back to the village. The dogs that fight with you are very cool. "Gravity" kicks butt! You don't even have to fight half the time, just let rover take over. (laughs).

    GREAT GAME! Can't wait to play the other episodes. Good job GUYS!

  • Pete

    Yeah this game is good. I'm a hard one to impress and this hame has well impresed me. It's worth the download and all, but the game does eventually wear out (of fun) so its your choice but i would recomend it so try it.

  • Silentstriker

    This is one of the best action RPGs I have ever played, it's so good, I highly reccomend buying all of the episodes!

  • Anonymous

    good game really nice i recommend to play this one you will be surprised how god it is

  • King

    Nice music and graphics but too repetitive. Can't save unless you exit.

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