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  • Developer: Mike Archer
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Do not play this game if you have work to do, its a very addictive puzzle game.

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  • Gohst

    This is a very cool puzzler from one man game developer Mike Archer where you fill in a strange shape with what appears to be blocks from the game Tetris.

    This is a simple puzzle game which will keep you wanting to figure out the puzzle at weird times, like just before you go to your important board meeting or parole hearing. You just wont be able to go until you've figured out the puzzle. Then, the inevitable happens. You figure out the puzzle and you figure the next level wont take you very long, it looks easy and you know how to do it, so one quick go wont hurt. Next thing you know there are police knocking to see if you're still alive because nobody's seen you in months and your lawn has grown over the size of your house and you mail has piled up blocking access to the front door and you just cant go tell them you're OK because you've almost got the puzzle worked out and you'll have it finished soon, really.

    At the start of each level you're given an odd shape to fill with odd shapes. You have a set number of odd shapes to use and you can only use what you've given. This usually results in finding a really cool solution and running out of blocks before you get to the end, or missing out on the solution by one square, forcing you to go back and re think your whole plan.

    Like I said, this game is addictive, the graphics are eye catching and the sounds just fit so well with the game. There is no music, which is good, because music is annoying in games like this when you're trying to concentrate.

    This game will keep you more than entertained for far longer than you anticipated and if you have anything important to do, then you might want to play this a little later. But hey, maybe work can wait for a little bit. What can one little game hurt?

  • Ana

    I'm a big fan of Tetris and Tangram so I had to try this out and I was not disappointed. It's a great puzzle game with simple controls, nice colors, graphics and sound. This game doesn't get fast and frantic like Tetris, it's more meditative like Tangram. You are playing against the clock, but I don't really look at that and just keep going when the time runs out. I'm on level 12 right now and it's getting a bit challenging. Seems like a good brain game.

  • Daniel

    This is a game made by a developer that I don't really care for. Considering the fiasco that was Mr. Men Click 'Em I wasn't expecting much.

    I got a little more than I thought I would, it's not a great game though. It is a good challenge. The game is deceivingly easy but it's not.

    This made me appreciate the game as it is one of the most challenging puzzle games I have ever played.

  • Robwood

    This is one of those puzzle games that are delightful, yet frustrating. I've played another one of Mike Archer's games (Push DX) and I'm seeing a pattern with his games: they don't provide the solutions when you can't figure out what to do, nor can you find them on the internet. This has frustrated me to no end.

  • Jennie Lamond

    Games with shapes are the ones which totally suck me into playing them over and over and this is no exception. Aside from being a fun game it is also a good brain trainer for spacial relationships. Maybe those people who can't pack a suitcase easily should spend a bit of time playing this. A fun teacher!

  • Homey SZ

    This is a terrific game. I love the way it is just so challenging.

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