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The Simpsons Tetris Download

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Simpsons Tetris

Classic tetris game with a Simpsons theme.

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  • El Calebo

    This game is pretty average to be honest, and when I say average I don't mean literally average, I mean below average.

    It's just Tetris between you and the computer. There's a picture of Bart on one side of the screen and Lisa on the other. You choose who you are and control their side of the screen. The other character is controlled by the computer. The Tetris pieces aren't Simpson characters either, in case you were expecting that (not that I was or anything), and to make matters worse Lisa is really hard to beat.

    You may be wondering, why did I give it a rating of 40% if I dislike it so? To which I'll cryptically reply, "well Tetris is Tetris". By this I mean, Tetris is an OK game and it did keep me entertained for one whole game's worth before I quit and came and wrote this review. If you were rating this game against other versions of Tetris only, it might get a 70% rating, only because it's against the computer which gives you an extra challenge apart from just trying to beat your own score.

    One last comment, it seems this game was made by a programmer who figured out how to make Tetris, then realized "wait, Tetris has already been invented, this is useless" so tried to think up a variation and added The Simpsons element. Anyway, if you do decide to download it, enjoy.

  • Camo Warrior

    This game is a game to put on your "Do NOT Download Ever Again" list.

    This game was trying to be cool by adding The Simpsons in. All that was added was a big old face of Bart (horrible graphics) and a face of Lisa (horrible graphics).

    Now I enjoy The Simpsons no doubt, but this is not enovative. The sound is poor, the graphics were better on Atari, and the Tetris factor was still...Tetris.

    Just believe me, this game was terrible. Now Tetris is still cool, but this game isn't. I give it 1 out of 5 stars.

  • Mr mike

    The classic tetris game with a simpsons theme.

    Same functionality as the original PC and Nintendo versions of Tetris, dropping different shapes on top of each other and fitting them together to break rows away before the blocks pile up too high!

    This game has been written to run in DOS or Windows but it is recommended to be run in DOS.


    I thought it would be fun because of the Simpsons, but the fact that it has the Simpsons theme doesn't do anything for the game. It's low quality.

  • Shadow

    The Simpsons is the best game and coolest movie and one of my favorite shows.

  • Pick E. Gamer

    Bad graphics, bad gameplay--need I say more? Bleaach.

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