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Skulls vs. Smilies Download

  • Developer: Zvika Israeli
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Skulls vs. Smilies

This is a simple game where the object is simple and obtaining it needs fast reflexes.

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  • Gohst

    The layout of the game is quite simple, it’s just a board (two alternating sizes, small and large) and there are pictures of smiles and pictures of skulls. That’s it, but however, even though the graphics are not groundbreaking, the game is still quite, quite exciting.

    The only object of the game is to click on the skulls while avoiding clicking on the smiling faces. In the game itself is not complicated but something about it makes it really fun to play. There’s two modes, fast and slow, which are essentially the same except the faster one is faster and you get twice the points for a skull hit. And that’s pretty much the entirety of the game, nothing more, but somehow it’s addictive.

    The sounds are weird. For the most part they’re OK, but the actual sound when a fresh board gets laid down is reminiscent of a car’s windscreen wipers and it’s really frustrating. Though, apart from that personal annoyance the rest of the sounds are pretty good.

    In all, it’s a game to be enjoyed by people who like clicking on things, or people who get addicted to simple games easily. Check it out, you may just enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

    The game is so simply made - it's just crazy how it can become so addicting! I don't find the sounds to be bothering at all. The only flaw of the game is that you have to quit after a while because if you don't, you won't be able to move your hand for the rest of the day...

    The gameplay is so simple and yet so addictive - I have much trouble in realizing that...

    This game is brilliant!


    This game is "cute" and fun. It's not relaxing, but it isn't overly exciting either. It's just a simple game where all you do is click. If you like no-fuss games, you'll like this.

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