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SkyHawk Download

  • Developer: Ovine By Design
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Pilot your ship and defend your home town from enemy bombers who are trying to destroy it and you.

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  • Gohst

    SkyHawk is a pretty funny game, which is indeed, a remake of a game of the same name. In this game, it is your mission, as a pilot (supposedly of the “SkyHawk”) to defend the city from enemy attackers.

    Because it is a remake, the graphics are lacking by today’s standards, yet do stand up as remake worthy graphics and are, in that regard, nothing to scoff at.

    The way you actually play is quite difficult to get a grasp on, as flying, steering and aiming your plane can be quite difficult to do at times, especially when the enemy bombers seem to be so much more advanced than you.

    But never-the-less the game is quite good and the music is not too annoying (especially at a game over, the music there is very good) but over all the sound effects are a little bit repetitious but nothing too major, really.

    All in all, the whole game is quite enjoyable and should be enjoyed by a remake fan or an arcade game fan or two out there (maybe even a flight simulator fan, who knows?).

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