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Sonic Chaos Revolution Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Sonic Chaos Revolution

Sonic is back, and Robotnic is going down

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  • Gradient

    I've yet to play a good game created with MagicGrafx, and Chaos Revolution continues this trend admirably. The physics are fractured and they yo-yo about, and appalling glitches riddle the entire package. There is no sense of pride on the author's behalf either; the HUD is rudimentary at best, and there is none of the slick level opening/closing graphics that makes Sonic special.

    If getting stuck in walls and ceilings and not knowing whether each button press will do what they're meant to floats your boat, then by all means play this lacklustre game. Otherwise, may I recommend Sonic Overdrive, for a taste of what fan games can REALLY achieve.

  • Wierdbeard

    When one compares the amount of Sonic remakes there have been to the amount of Mario remakes, Mario comes out tops easily. I don't understand this. I think Sonic kicks Mario's ass easily. But that is a side issue.

    Sonic Chaos Revolution is a very decent Sonic remake. Graphics, sound and music are true to the original, and game play (the most important factor) is quite good. The only problem i found was when Sonic lands after a jump he tends to lose momentum quite a bit. But this isn't too serious, and you get used to it quite fast.

    If you're a Sonic fan i think you will enjoy this one. Definitely one of the better Sonic remakes.

  • G.O.N.G.O.

    When I first played it I was not happy about the game play, a normal Sonic game should be about collecting rings and speeding to the end but this one was nothing like the old Sega ones.

    Also, the boss battles were bad and were not be like that in a real Sonic game. What was with thouse crapy mini games after evey boss battle?

    So to fans of my reviews let me just say if you had the time to read all of this then ONLY download this game if you are a hard core Sonic fan.

  • Shadow

    This is the best 2D Sonic game I have ever played. You can do some cool things here. It is like a game on that old Nintendo. I like Sonic. The way of moving, and I like how he jumps on enemies and kills them. This is a nice 2D game worthy of downloading.

  • Crystal

    This is a cool game, especially if you're a real Sonic fan, and also if you like adventurous and action-packed games! It's a good game compared to some other games, but this isn't the best.

  • Saiyan

    Wicked game, it rocks! But once you find out how to complete a level there’s no time left to complete it. Impossible.

  • V

    I don't understand why when an enemy hits you, you lose all your rings.

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