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Sonic The hedgehog Robo-Blast! Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Sonic The hedgehog Robo-Blast!

Its not a classic, but it will provide you with entertainment for a few hours.

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  • TheAwesomeMan

    As a fan of Sonic remakes, I always like to download new ones and give them a try... even if they stink. I downloaded this game expecting the 3 "F"s:

    1. Fun
    2. Fun
    and 3. Fun

    This game displayed none of those "F"s. First of all, the graphics were horrible. When I launched this game, I was puzzled by the strange blue blob thing with eyes on the screen. Then I realized it was Sonic. Another thing was the control. Sonic got stuck in walls, the ceiling, on the floor, etc. Plus, sometimes when you move, Sonic turns into a ball and gets stuck. In addition, the ball was too small to be Sonic.

    However, there was one thing that really bugged me. The speed. Sonic, the fastest thing alive, runs on his "tippy-toes". Sonic games require Sonic's supersonic speed. But how the hey is he going to run when he's on his toes?!

    Shocking note: If you've played Sonic the Hedgehog Robo-Blast 2, (the 3d one) you would faint if you heard that this game is the inspiration for SRB2, a 3d Sonic game also availible at Acid-Play.

  • Mr. Encyclopedia

    As a personal friend of the maker of this game, and as quite probably the only other reviewer who has actually played this game, I can say for a fact it's utter garbage.

    It was made with The Games Factory! It has a "killing dead" bug that kills you even when you shouldn't die!

    The sprites are horrid, and the level designs are probably, no, are in fact the worst thing ever.

    If you want to play Sonic Robo Blast, go play its far better sequel.

  • Liljoe DX

    This game is pretty cool.

    I like the music and the game has a whole load of cheats. The graphics aren't the best, but it really doesn't matter. Also, this game is very challenging. The only problem with it is all the bugs!

    You can sometimes hit an enemy and still lose all your rings! You can get stuck in walls and there is a glitch where you can’t beat the boss. However, ignore all the bugs, play the game, and love it!

  • Jordan

    This is such a stupid game. It is so boring. It has crappy graphics and annoying music. It has so many glitches. One moment you'll be breaking through a wall and the next you will be stuck on the bottom of the screen. You have to be an idiot to like this game. It's a waste of time.

  • Acidic's picture

    Some games get by on good old fashioned good looks; however Sonic The Hedgehog Robo-Blast is not one of them. But it makes up for this poor eye candy with sturdy and challenging gameplay.

    Its not a classic, but it will provide you with entertainment for a few hours.

  • Rob

    It's not as bad as the only bad reviews this got (besides mine) say, but it still could be majorly improved. Download the 3d sequel instead.

  • Samantha

    This game is absolutely amazing. I played it non stop when I was younger until I got a playstation and got rid of my sega mega drive.

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