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Sonic Zone Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Sonic Zone

Sonic zone is a cool clone based on the famous hedgehog that we so dearly love

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  • Galskygge

    Sometimes it's hard to not like Sonic. I still operate on dial-up in order to get online so I was looking for a Sonic game that would download fairly quickly. Not only is it a fast download but it's also a great game! The majority of the Sonic games that I have played have had better graphics, however this particular Sonic game is by far one of the best that I have ever played. I also managed to get another person hooked on it as well! This is definitely a must have for all of those Sonic fans out there!

  • Rekall

    Sonic zone is a cool clone based on the famous hedgehog that we all so dearly love. Sega made Sonic the Hedgehog famous right into 3 dimensions, but Sonic Zone takes a step back to 2D in this arcade platformer.

    Once again you take control of the speedy hedgehog Sonic and it is up to you to save the likes of little bunnies and penguins from the evil clutches of Dr Robotnik.

    Sonic Zone really is a lot of fun to play, and for the small download, it really delivers good gameplay and a few hours of fun.

  • Dudes

    Sure, this game is almost exactly like the real Sonic game but this is missing something. Sure, it is fun switiching from level to level and not even doing anything but either than that, this game is really hard.

    The creator of this game did the best he could do and I respect him for that but really, this game is just horrible. The graphics are weird, the music scares me and the levels are very hard. Don't bother downloading this game.

  • Electric FrumungLand

    This is an awful game. It is far to slow and does not match the addictive gameplay of the original. And as for the people that liked it, they should download "Neo Sonic Universe." This truly is the worst piece of programming ever, and that includes "Class of 66" Don't download this game unless you hate yourself.

  • Andy halliday

    The game is good, but it’s not the best free sonic game there is. I am a number 1 fan of sonic and I own all the games and am looking out for more Sonic the hedgehog games. I would recommend it for everyone who has played the original Sonics.

  • Ant

    Sonic's jump height and speed are just right. Adding an easy difficulty really helped, but even with rings, badniks kill instantly and (to me) there's fall-to-your-death gameplay where ever you go. That's a bad thing.

  • Andy who uses gamemaker 6

    Great game. I use game maker 6.1 and it would be greater still if Effeser used it. Anyway, great sprites, great music, great bonuses, great zones. I like Riverside Zone. They got the music from

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