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South Park Mario Brothers Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Super Mario
South Park Mario Brothers

A remake of the old classic except with South Park Characters

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  • Julian

    Excellent Super Mario game!

    It is comparable only to the original Nintendo cartridge version. In an effort to relieve the original I have probably tried all of the popular free conversions, yet none of them have come close to being as good as this one.

    With other conversions there is always some sort of downside - like not being able to kill the enemies, or the graphics are crap or something like that. The only downside to this one is the fact that you don't get to play as "Mario" himself, rather a South Park character, but it is easy to forget about that because of emaculate graphics and perfect sound. Another change is that you can throw fireballs when you find the pulsating flowers. Virtually identical to the original. A classic remake of a classic game.

  • Joshuanovi

    A good Mario clone, looks like Super Mario World for Game Boy Advance, (or Super Nintendo) :) Somewhat like Super Mario Bros for Super Nintendo. Nice graphics, great sound and music, making me approve of it. :) Just 2 simple things to say... 1.on the final stage, Mr. Gerrison says the "H" word with some other cruel talk . 2.On the spikes, there's a brief appearance of blood making it look vile. But overall, it's a GREAT game! ("Dudes" and "Big" J suck, cause they are losers at this game. Seriously, I BEAT games harder than this!!!) :)

  • Big J

    This game is pure crap. If you touch a wall in mid-air, you stick to it! Once, I got stuck in the ceiling of a row of blocks. I was unable to move, and that's when I decided that it wasn't worth my time.

    Perhaps if the programmer actually spent some time removing the glitches, this might have been a good game, but alas, it is not. The first level is unbeatable due to control issues! Frankly, this game sucks.

  • M47

    South Park Mario Brothers is a Mario game except you have to be Karl and save the rest of the people. It's still really good even though it has quite bad graphics. This game rules if you like arcade games, especially Mario. This leaves me with one thing to say - South Park Mario Bros Rules.

  • Dudes

    This game is totally pointless and it is impossible to get past that eating-flower guy. The character moves too fast and so does everything else. I mean, if you touch one person, you die instantly and have to start over from the beginning!

  • Zero

    This game is identical to the Nintendo Mario Brothers except you are Kyle from south park and must rescue some of the other characters. If you are a Mario Brothers fan, download this. Its not as easy at it looks.

  • JJP55

    A great game, lots of glitches though. I found it hard to finish, simply because it crashed each time I made it to the last level, but it did work occasionally. And it really is harder than it looks.

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