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Super Mario World Deluxe Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Remake, Super Mario
Super Mario World Deluxe

Super Mario is at it again

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  • Acidic Rater

    This game is incredible. I've played plenty of Mario games and I'm very picky about remakes. This, by far, (next to Super Mario 3: Mario Forever) is the greatest or one of the greatest Super Mario remakes ever! Another thing I liked about this game was that it had a character which you don't find in all Super Mario remakes. Yep, this one may have as much actual character as the original Super Mario itself! I loved this game and would reccomend it to anyone who loves, likes or can even tolerate Mario games!

  • Liz Enriquez

    This is the best game ever. You don't imagine how much time I spend on the computer playing this game. I have downloaded lots of other Mario games but none of those games have had the excellence of sound. Also it does not have technical difficulties like the others. All I have to say is that this game is cool, awesome and excellent.

  • Rekall

    Super Mario World Deluxe is yet another Super Mario clone.
    Once again you’re in control of the fat plumber as he heads down pipes and jumps on mushrooms and fish.

    Super Mario World Deluxe has 5 fun levels and nostalgic graphics and all in all is a couple of hours of entertainment.

  • Just someone coming by

    I'm a Mario fan so I checked out this one, too. The game could be fine if there weren't such a lot of bugs and if one could define the keyboard (took me some time to find out about a, s, d, space and Alt-X. Sound, music, gfx is fine and close to the SuperMarioWorld original.

  • Ilona and Yana

    This game is the crappiest game I've played in a long time. The graphics suck and it's just a really bad game over all. Be warned.

  • Oshin

    It's a simply awesome game! You've just got to try it. A game of Super Mario World Deluxe would simply brighten up a boring day.

  • Chutzpah

    I love Super Mario brothers. This ones the usual but thats a good thing. Luigi and Mario are back again. Look out!

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