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The Spirit Engine Download

  • Developer: mark pay
  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Spirit Engine

A side scrolling RPG

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  • Tharisfal

    Spirit Engine may seem a little infantile at first, but it gets more complex as you advance. You start by selecting the characters which you will play with. The battle system is pretty simple. Your characters can do attack spells, defence spells and recharge. As in many games your characters have 'mana'. Each spell costs 1 or 2 'mana'. The monsters you will encounter get "smarter" as you advance. There are different kinds of monsters. Every one has a weakness and a strength. Example: silver bullet does more damage to large monsters and little damage to little monsters.

    The storyline is almost flawless but I will not speak of it, as it would spoil the fun.

    The music is nice. Keeping you active in the little boring situations you'll encounter.

    If you like side scrollers or if you play games for the storyline then this game will be very good for your health.

  • Rekall

    The Spirit Engine is a great side scrolling RPG. Three strangers suddenly find themselves stranded on a large remote island with a ghost. You will have to learn how to survive and find the best ways to interact with the unfriendly creatures that all seem to have it in for you.

    The game is large but the world in which you play is big enough to justify the download size. The game ranges from snowy mountains to haunted forests and Towering Skyscrapers.

    The game play is both fun and smooth. It is worth checking out.

  • Im just gunna give you ad

    It's a terrible game. It's got terrible music but get this - I downloaded it and I can't seem to get rid of it. Don't make the same mistake I did. It's a crap game anyway.

  • JT

    Man the music is so awesome. I mean, I might sound wierd but I play this game just for the music.

    Download this game. Please.
    This is my advice.

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